Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

This week was pretty great!! On tuesday we taught this young family!! The dad is a non member, but the wife is a member they have a baby girl who reminds me of sage!! They fed us dinner, and we were there for 3 hours talking to him about the church!! He has a great testimony, and I hope we can baptize him soon!! The temple was great! Everyone should go see!  The Jones family didn't come to church which was sad, or did any of our investigator which was rough, so that means we get to go visit them and ask why! Our (county) fair referrals are doing great.. some are good investigators, but most of them are fake addresses which sucks.. My comp is a crappy driver so i could end up dying out here... just kidding but he does suck at driving; good thing the lord protects us!!  I want to see the Wanda picture on her on the farm!! I lost 10 pounds sense being in the mission field, but i learning how to become a chef so It should get better!! The south is different world! No one wears a shirt, and everyone smokes, and most people only have like 10 teeth haha it's a funny place! I don't like to weekly plan, because it takes 8 hours to do, and I'm always get super bored, but it's how you become a good missionary so we have to do it! My ward mission leader Brother Cook teaches me a lot of stuff about becoming a good missionary, and I'm super grateful for him in my life! I'm doing great! Love y'all Elder Tyler James Jaros
Elder Jaros and Elder Echohawk at the MTC
Sunday Night Dinner in the Mission Field
Welcome Sign from a members house