Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 12, 2013

Elder Burgan - Tyler's 1st Companion

Mission President Andersen
Well everybody I'm in Cookeville Tennessee!! It is the home of Tennessee Tech, and it's about the size of Saint George!! I'm in the Burgess Falls Ward, and it's good ward, but the best part is the fact that my area is really taking off, and just in my first weekend we had two baptism!! They are these two ladies my comp had been teaching, and they are great ladies!! Everyone says that I get to count them as my baptism, because I was here when they were baptized!! So yeah I guess I have two now!! There are about 6 other investigators here that should be baptized soon so I'm in a pretty blessed area!! There is one down fall every time I get in a car, and have to go out to country side or to Nashville (about an hour drive) I get supperrr car sickkkk which suckkks!! I threw up 6 times in the first three days, but I got some pills that help, and we will see how I do when I go to the Temple on Wednesday!! My comp is Elder Burgan he's a quiet nice kid from Utah!! He's been out for 6 months, and we get along pretty well!! Besides the fact he is slob, but so was Bret, and I lived with him for 18 years!! haha My District is really cool, and I really like to spend time with them, and Elder V is in it so that's cool! I saw sister (Heather) Jensen at Zone Meeting, and at Transfer, and it was nice to see some one that I actually knew!! But I'm doing great, and I'm really starting to like Cookeville!!