Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 3, 2013

I made it to week 5 Crazy!! The weeks seem to be like days although! Missionary work is hard, but worth every second of it! On sunday we had one Investigator at church which was good! but we invited about 6 more so that was rough, but one is better than none!! We are still teaching a family, and it's going pretty good! They still aren't coming to church, but we got another family last week who is a part member family and they are fun to teach! We meet with them tonight! Our (County) Fair referrals are a huge mess. Like there great to have people interested, but most of them blow us off. We have 90 and we have maybe 5 Investigators, but we still have 32 to contact this week so we are still busy! On Saturday I popped my tire trying to be like Tony Hawk, but I quickly realize I'm no Tony Hawk, and I landed pretty hard, and popped my tire! We were like 4 miles from home so I had a long walk haha. But yesterday I bought a new tire and I'm all good now!! Hopefully this week picks up! We spend a lot of time walking around last week; which is pointless, but every week is a new week! I'm doing pretty good although! Love Elder TYYYY
Food Donations Accepted - Tyler has not been getting many dinner appointments in Tennessee so far......Hopefully it will fill in this month...