Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

So I made it to week 6! Now that's pretty awesome! haha We had a pretty good week!! We set two dates on Saturday! And hopefully they follow through, and keep up there reading and learning so we can get them baptized!! We had Zone meeting on Thursday which was really good! There was a talk by one of our Zone leader on Haven't no regrets, and it was great! It really helped me I loved it!! I've been trying to stay positive everyday all day long, but it's hard! I don't like Weekly planning on Fridays so it always puts me into a bad mood, but I'll keep working on it! There is a car cleaning contest for zone conference on Wednesday, and I want to win so I'm going to go crazy cleaner on our car today!! The (County) fair referrals are a big mess, but we are almost done with them we got like 7 investigators maybe! But it was good contacting lots of different people! I'm doing pretty great, and would love to hear from any one! I will always write back! Love Elder Ty