Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013

Fried apple pies!! the best thing on the planet!! No lie

Me and DQ..  we had an awful day so I need some dq

This last week was long!! But okay! I spend a few days up in Monterey with my friend Elder V from the MTC! It was a blast to be always from my area for a few days! Monterey is like the size of Minersville so the work is slow, but there are some great people there! We had zone meeting this week and it was pretty good!! I like the zone leader trainings, but not really the sister training leaders they don't know what they are doing.. They just waste time. The Jones boys are doing great and came to church again!! But we have to get the OK from there dad who is in jail to baptize them so i'm going to have to write him today and ask for his permission. So hopefully he said yes!! It's an awful family situation to say the least, but I love those kids to death! The transfer is half way over so that's a plus!! I'm doing great as always, but I do wish I could of been at the wedding!! But I'm so happy for Bret and Al!! Love Elder J-rose!