Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

Me and the Jones Boys!!!!!

The YSA sisters had a baptism in a river over the weekend!!!! It was cool but way cold!!!
In the country side! The leaves are just starting to change this week I will take lots of pictures!!

Three months this week!!!! Crazy! I feel like it's been one giant roller coaster, because you have so many ups and downs as a missionary!!! But one giant up we finally had was that the Jones boys were baptized!!!! It was awesome!! We had to wait to baptize them until the dad brother Jones got out of jail or we were able to contact him in jail to ask for his permission so I wrote him on Wednesday and asked to baptize his sons and asked him to write back, but right after I sent the letter there mom sister Jones called me and said that he got out of jail this morning and that we could call him to ask him if we could, and we did and he said yes!! So on Saturday night the Jones boys were baptized!!! I baptized the younger one who is 8 and his name is Tershon!! He is awesome, but at the same time he can be super hard to handle.. He kept telling me that he was going to baptize me after haha but he took it serious and I was grateful for that!! But It was an awesome experience!! I was so happy for them and the spirit was so strong for me!! Now that the Jones are baptized we don't have like any investigators now.. which is no good. We are going to have to work super hard to find some investigators, but I think our game plan for rest of the transfer will be less actives and getting them to be active!! Which is awesome too! We had 2 less actives show up to church on Sunday which was great!! Fall hit Tennessee! And is cold to say the least the air is just way different than back home! But I'm doing great as always! Love Elder Jaros