Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Tyler and his missionary friends.

Tyler begged/prayed for a washer/dryer and he got it, Elder Jarvis doesn't get water on his mission for only 1 day out of every 5, so we should feel grateful for what we got.

Tyler at Tennessee Tech Track.
Last week was slow!! But so great because of conference!! I loved every talk so much and I don't think I've ever pay so much attention to anything in my whole life. The Jones family went out of town for the week so no baptism for a little, but sometime soon! We only have like one investigator right now which is rough.. but hopefully soon we can meet some new people! We need the members help! The two themes I picked up on at Conference were Missionary work on Saturday and Marriage on Sunday!! Which is cool because Bret is getting married! My highlights from conference were; 80,333 missionaries! One of those are me! I like Dube talk on always looking forward! And that's something I need to do! Elder Bednar layed down the law about tithing!! Elder Ballard hit hard about missionary work, Eyring in the priesthood and Uchtdorf was awesome!! I like the prophets about his wife and stuff that one was cool! Ochoa always look up was cool!! Conference was just special and it was great experience to be a missionary listening to conference!! I'm doing good! Thanks for the love a support! Love Ya elder ty