Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

Jimmy Johns _ I am so happy it opened in Cookeville, TN.

All the leaves we picked up on Tuesday.

Me and Tray

Me and the cool fountain in Cookeville, TN.
This last week was cold but great!! We didn't have the car and it got cold out there this week!! And it's a dry cold that just goes straight to the bones, but we have a car this week which is the first things I grateful for! Another thing I'm grateful for is RJ and his baptism this weekend!! We are pretty excited for him and he is excited, and it's going to a great day!! We spend this week going over everything we have taught him, and getting him ready to enter the covenants of baptism!! We also had a different lesson with the Snow family they are some what investigators we just met a few weeks ago! They are a great family, and they are really faithful people, and we were telling him about the mold, and he was like have you just thanked heavenly father for everything else for a warm place to sleep, and roof over head and he will take care of the mold.. so we took Mr. Snow advice and thanked heavenly father, and we will see what happens, but it was a great lesson about being grateful, and with thanksgiving coming up this week it remind me and Elder Golightly that we need to be more grateful. We also had stake conference this week! It was a great meeting a lot about temple work and missionary work!! So hopefully now we can use our ward better, and hopefully we will figure out to find some more people to teach! But i'm doing great, and with Thanksgiving coming up I would like to thank you all for everything. I couldn't be out here with out you support, and I'm so grateful such a great family back home that supports me. Love Ty

Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

My New Coat, Yo Thanks Bret

Roads of Tennessee

The lion I found out tracting.

Me and Elder Golightly

Week 16!! Crazy how fast this seems to be moving along!! It's unreal! But me and Elder G had a good week! We are working hard, and just search for me people to teach!! We have one solid Investigator RJ he came to church again, and he is doing great! We had to move his date back until the 30th because this week is stake conference, but we are excited for him!! We spend lots of time with less actives and getting to know them and such and inviting them to church which is good, but it's hard to visit lots of less actives because they live a long ways away so it's #thestruggle but it's all good!! We had a zone meeting with Elder Pino from the seventy this week!!! He is a really cool and nice guy he came and talk to us all and such! They gave him two hours to train, but he did good job and he talk a lot about how thankful he is to see us out here serving our savior and it was a great talk! We are working on moving out of our mold apartment! haha well hopefully we will!! Because we are sick of having headache so it's time to get out!! But thank you so much for the love and support! You all are the best! Love ya Elder TJ
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12, 2013

Elder Golightly - Tyler's New Companion

Tyler and Elder Allen

Tennessee Sunset

First Snow in Tennessee
Week 15 Yo! What a great week!! I got my new comp Elder Golightly he is way cool! We get along great, and it's just so nice to have someone new to talk to!!! He reminds me of a lot of Chase!! Which is cool. Last week had the best numbers of my mission also!!! We had 3 investigators at church!!! Which is a record for me!! We had RJ there which was awesome!! He loved church and he stayed for all 3 hours! And then we had a mother and daughter we have been working with for a while there which was awesome!! Plus we had sister weaver there our less active we are trying to reactivated and it was just great sunday!! And it also was the primary program!! And my boys the Jones boys were there and they did great!! I was so proud of them!! Besides the fact the one wouldn't stand up and sing the songs haha but they are the best kids even though I have to baby sit them a lot! We also have a family move here from Utah who are less active so that is funny to be around people from home!! And Elder G says I sleep talk a lot... And I finally got to drive a car again!! I'm doing much better now and #missionlife is fun again with my new comp! We have a little mold problem with help from my mom it's being taking care of haha, but besides that I'm doing great! #loveya #elderjaros #November #happybirthdayKAYLA

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

Me ( I lost my tan) but I'm super white and Holy haha
The country side
The BOM is my bff
This week was long!!! Probably because of transfers and the stress of wait for the phone call of what is going to happen to you!! But the phone call came and I'm staying here in Cookeville in the Burgess Falls ward, and I'm getting a new comp. named Elder Golightly!! We both came out here together, but I don't really know him! But we both just came out of training so two greenys will be running the area!! Which is cool, because it shows that the lord trust us to take care of this ward!! The only side effect with staying here is the fact that this area is pretty dead. Like we have one solid investigator, but he didn't come to church which was sad. Actually we didn't have anyone at church yesterday. Which was rough. So I guess me and my new comp have lots of work to do!! Which will be good! I'm excited for this transfers, and nervous, but I know that the lord will help me with all things our there. I also think that in this next transfer I will learn lots about myself which will be good. I went to the river church yesterday aka the Duck Dynasty church, and it was pretty rad!! Phil from the show has a little preaching thing he does and sends it to these churches and they show it for church!! It's called the happy happy happy series!! It was pretty funny!! There church had a band and lots of people there!! Lots more than my ward out here so I have work to do haha. But i'm doing good!! I hope everyone else is too! Also I ALWAYS reply to every ones letters, but I think the postal system steals them, and I'm sorry!! But I love mail, and I always reply, but I guess sometimes it gets lost. Which is no good.
Love Ty