Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

My New Coat, Yo Thanks Bret

Roads of Tennessee

The lion I found out tracting.

Me and Elder Golightly

Week 16!! Crazy how fast this seems to be moving along!! It's unreal! But me and Elder G had a good week! We are working hard, and just search for me people to teach!! We have one solid Investigator RJ he came to church again, and he is doing great! We had to move his date back until the 30th because this week is stake conference, but we are excited for him!! We spend lots of time with less actives and getting to know them and such and inviting them to church which is good, but it's hard to visit lots of less actives because they live a long ways away so it's #thestruggle but it's all good!! We had a zone meeting with Elder Pino from the seventy this week!!! He is a really cool and nice guy he came and talk to us all and such! They gave him two hours to train, but he did good job and he talk a lot about how thankful he is to see us out here serving our savior and it was a great talk! We are working on moving out of our mold apartment! haha well hopefully we will!! Because we are sick of having headache so it's time to get out!! But thank you so much for the love and support! You all are the best! Love ya Elder TJ
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