Monday, December 30, 2013

December 29, 2013

Lebanon town center

Thank you so much I love them!!

Thank you so much I love them!!
#elderjaros love them

I got to ride a bus again!
2013 is almost over!! Such a life changing year for me! Soo many wonderful thing happened to me this year, and to my family! Sometimes I can't even believe everything that happen last year! Taking state again, Gradulating from high school, going through the temple, and serving the lord! I also got an awesome new sister law this year! Heavenly Father really blessed me this year, and I'm so grateful for such an amazing year! Thank you everyone for the Christmas presents you all spoiled me so much!! You all are so awesome, and I wish I could repay you all for everything! But thank you all! It was awesome to hear some of your voices! It was the best Christmas present I could ask for! And I can't believe how much Sage talks now!!! Last week was a long week but a good one. We have one new investigator. The only issue is that he is living with his girlfriend.. so that's a problem. His girl friend isn't super interested, but maybe they will get married or something! Pray for them! We are also trying to find new people, and find some less actives to work with! We have a few but I want to get some more, because I really like less active work! This week won't have much missionary work because today is p day and tomorrow we have to be in at 6 for safety, and on Wednesday we have another P day but that one is an all day p day.. So we don't get to work too much this week! We are going to Madison on Wednesday with our zone which will be fun! Just not a normal week! So crazy that 2013 is gone and now were almost to 2014! Thank you again for everything! I wish you all an amazing New Year! And I hope you all are safe this week! Love ya Elder Jaros