Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

Dilly beans!!! Thanks so much Grandma!!
Christmas!! Thanks Everyone!!
My Mission friends!! Love em
I live next to this air port so I feel like I'm on Wayne's world watching the air planes fly over me and I scream! haha
Holy cow can you believe that Christmas is this week!!?? I can't. Where does the time go.. I have no idea! But I would like to thank you all for the cards and packages! I really am feeling your love from Utah which is so awesome! Transfers went great! It was a good meeting to talk to missionaries and the friend I have made out here! The new area is different.. But it will be good! The members don't really trust the missionaries here because of disobedient by other companionship.. but me and the new sisters are doing work so it will be all good! The ward mission leader is warming up to us so that is the first part! They just want hard workers and that's what we are going to do! But the District leading is awesome!! I have a district of all sisters.. but they work so hard, and they set the example for me so it's pretty awesome! We are a super young district with none of us being over a year out yet! My comp name is Elder Threet he's nice! But the new area is cool because Lebanon is aka the Cedar City and there are cedar trees EVERYWHERE!  So it's like being home, but just with out the wind! But the town has a few dog food plants so it smells awesome.. not really. Probably the best part of this area is the fact that the people are HUMBLE here which is awesome!! They want to talk about Christ, so that's a huge blessing right there!! But with Christmas time being here let us not forget the real meaning, and let us not forget about the atonement and everything Christ has done for us. I just wanted to wish you all an MERRY CHRISTMAS! And I pray for all of your safety and welling being. Love ya  Elder J-rose