Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

Me riding in my dreams down Giant Steps.
We make pies sometimes.
So this member in my ward gave me a brand you snowboard. Pretty RAD.
This week was so crazy it's unreal!! Lots of stress but a great week! So it was me and Elder Golightly turn for exchanges with our District Leader Elder Andersen so Elder G went up to Monterey and I stayed here. The exchange was from Monday to Wednesday so I had to plan good visits for me and my district leader to visit which wasn't to hard. Just a little stressful, but than I got a text from the zone leaders and they asked if they could come stay a few nights! So they came and we had to plan stuff for them to do in our area also! So there came a little more stress to plan for them also, but I made it through it! Until Wednesday when Elder G came back, and we were walking to the apartment manager place to deal with moving and crap when the AP's called and asked if they could go on exchanges with us for the next two nights and stay with us so the pressure was really on!! The AP's were coming! So me and Elder G went and planned some good appointments for us to go visit, and it went great! The AP's taught me so much!! They taught us how to plan really good, and all of there ways to talk to people. It was an great experience!! I was with Elder King most of the time, and he is the king of tracting so I learned a lot! Than on Friday we had interviews with the mission president which was great! And Saturday we had our ward party and we had soo many people there! It was a great event! RJ came to church yesterday, and so did his wife!! They also came to the Christmas Dev. last night, and he really like that! So that was great! And if everything goes well his baptism will be this Saturday so we will have our white Christmas! But I'm doing great! Thanks for everything!! Love Elder Ty