Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014


I love the huge houses of the south!! They are so old and cool. The lady who lives in this house is pretty rad.

Downtown Lebanon
I'm almost 6 months isn't that scary! This week was good! I got a much needed Vacation to a different area on exchanges with the zone lords!! It was so nice to relax and not have to worry about anything up there in there area!! I needed it. I met some awesome people up there. A super cool British lady who is being baptized pretty soon, and she has such a strong testimony already which is really cool to see. But it was just a great few days! We had a Zone meeting on Wednesday which was really awesome. One of the STL trained on Testimony, and baring your testimony really from your heart. It was what I needed. Because as a Missionary you are always saying I Know the church is true etc. but it gets old. So I had been thinking a lot about how could I improve that and I got my answer. The sister talked about testifying from our hearts, and trying not to say I know so much. Saying I know is great but being to able to really testify from the heart is just special. We role played it and it was way spiritual an awesome. It was a great meeting, and this week we have Zone Conference so we will be blessed again by great trainings. Yesterday we had two investigators at church!!! It was so awesome!! We teach there mom sort of, but we invited them all out to church, and her daughter and her boyfriend came! It was so nice. They loved it and super cool to have people at church again. But I'm doing great and I do have my toe surgery today so it will most likely be a long week.. but with the lord I can get by! Love you all Ty Guy