Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21, 2014

After Ingrown Toe Surgery
Hay for days

I love my jimmy johns notice the giant toe haha

Watertown, TN
Last week of the transfer! They fly by now! I'm basically 6 months now! 1/4th done! That is unreal for me! My toe surgery went great! It feels a lot better now! I'm grateful that I had such a great doctor, and how good it all went! We had zone conference this week it was good! There always a good spiritual re boost for me! They motivate you to get to  work and have fun! We talked a lot about teaching simple and for understanding which is so hard but yet so easy! It was a good meeting! Lebanon is picking up which is awesome! We have a pretty good teach pool here and out in some of the other areas so that is pretty cool! Our biggest miracle right now is this girl named Erica she is awesome! We had been sort of kind of teaching her mother but we learned that she was interested, and she loves church and she has friends and it's just going great! She works a lot but she asked off for Sundays which is so rad! But we are finding still, and working hard, and our planners are filling up which is great! It's still a working project here, but so much better! My Facebook missionary is really picking up which is awesome! I teaching lots of people around the world it's crazy how people just friend you and want to talk. It's pretty cool. Some of Jaros side of the family are liking all my post and everything it's pretty cool! And I also teach RJ wife Tiffany from my last area, and she is getting baptized next month!! So that is cool! But life is good here in the home of Cracker Barrell! Love Ty