Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

The district
The wall of fame
The snow storm
The car after the tree
The cedar tree
Well 2014 is here now! Plus I've been out for 5 months now! Well this week was really long until yesterday.. Tuesday it was super cold and we had to be at 6 that night for safety; The next day was all day p day with our zone and it was pretty rad!! We got to watch a movie which was wired... but nice to take a little break from all the stress and missionary work for a day. But we just weren't having any success here for 3 days it was rough.. So on Sunday we decided to head on down to this little town called Watertown and it was awesome!! We met some awesome less actives and it was great day, and I really think Watertown needs missionaries. The people there are just so awesome!! We met some really cool farmers and it reminded me so much of Minersville it was scary, and it's really pretty down there! But on the way back to Lebanon the weather turned sour. We got back to our apartment and were eating some dinner when we got a call from this member somewhere in Tennessee, and he was telling us of his friend who's heat was going to go out that night and that she was going to freeze. It's super cold out here right now. So he asked us if we could go help her out so we did. We had an a member with us and he's 18 still in high school. He drove us out there and the rain was really coming down. Plus the temp dropped from 50 down to 25 in like 20 minutes. We got to the appointment and had a great lesson. The best one sense I've been here in Lebanon. She was so excited for the book of Mormon. She has a little 8 year girl or so. We told her we would go get some gas so she could have heat for the next day. As we were heading back to town Adam was driving WAY  to fast. I told him so slow down. The road's were icy now, and it was a whiteout. We hit patch of black ice and lost control. We turned complete around twice and then hit a tree pretty hard. The car was totaled and Adam was a little beat up. It was so scary. As Carrie Underwood said Jesus take the Wheel. I know that God protected us from rolling. I remember looking across the back seat think we are going to roll. My Life flashed before my eyes... It's so awful. Adam had a broke nose. I'm perfectly fine. So is my comp. Josh and Zack (our investigator) came out there and pick us up. It was so awful. It was way cold. I know that the lord protects us so much as missionaries, and just as normal people. It was scary, but i'm so grateful to be okay. Heavenly father is so good to me. My comp lost the car keys at some point over the crash... so i couldn't get to the toe doctor yet. But I'm okay. Thank you everyone for every thing. I love you all. Elder Ty