Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

High of 8 and low of 1 in Tennessee, Way Too Cold
Me and Rumsey about to go freeze our butts off haha
Here we go! Time is flying by now! My mission has been a blast so far! I love it! We had a cold and wet but a good week! Found some new potentials who are pretty awesome, and we have a lot of hope for them! Amanda and Erica are doing awesome, and they are inviting all there friends to hear of the gospel they are awesome missionaries there self's! Erica's baptism will be on the 22nd! They are still awesome! We taught them lesson two this week and the laws which was great! They are progressing super well! We get Ipads on the 27th which will be rad! I'm excited for them, but they will have lots of rules most likely but who cares but it will be cool! So every Saturday we play basketball with these non members in the morning, and it's so awesome we invite lots of kids, and then teach or try to teach them something we have like 10 non-members who show up usually so that's cool. But hopefully something will rub of on them! They are all still in high school and stuff! Me and Elder Rumsey have given so many blessing of late. I've really been thinking about the priesthood, and the power we have. What a great calling it is to have the priesthood, and it always brings in the spirit so much into our life, I love it. But i'm doing rad. Thanks for everything!