Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Erica's Baptism

Watching college baseball

Painting Project

Elders at the Nashville Temple

Nashville Temple

Welp this week was so great!! We did lots of service and didn't do much teaching, but it was a great week! Were painting our neighbors house who are like my second parents they check on us all the time, but they are not interested about the church at all, but they are great people, but painting is a bigger project than it sounds like! It took a week because we could only put a hour or two into each day! This week we got to get into the temple!!! I have miss the temple so much! It was great to be in there, and feel of that sweet spirit which is in the temple. I love it! Thursday was crazy because of the tornado's across Tennessee! The weather was so strange! The air just feels different when a big storm is coming, and it did that night at 8! We rushed on home, but the wind and rain were crazy! Plus lighting! But it was really scary! Then Saturday we had ERICA LYNN BAPTISM!! It was so awesome!! She loves the church, and the young woman program which is rad to see! The baptism was crazy because of when we showed up to the church to get to fill up the font the churches water was shut off!! So we were all freaking out... So after two hours we figured it out, but everyone that showed up just chilled and it was nice, but satan really tired to stop her baptism! I confirmed her yesterday, and I was super nervous! But I think I did good! Tiffany RJ's wife from Cookeville was baptized on Saturday too!! But I would also like to thank everyone for the birthday cards and such you all are awesome! Love ya Ty