Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Spring in Tennessee
Spring in Tennessee

Pretending to be Andy Pettite

Still room on the Wall of Fame

This week was basically just an average week!! Working hard, but seems like our investigators don't really want to progress anymore.. But that's when we have to step it up! We set a date with a new investigator on Thursday!! Which was good, but she didn't come to church so that's a set back! We are also really trying to get our members more involved into missionary work! So we are setting member dates for referrals all the time so hopefully that will help progress the work! Plus I hope that general conference will help our members get the wave of this awesome work! I'm so stoked for general conf! It's so great to hear from our prophet! It will be great! The iPads are really starting to help the area book app is all worked out now, and they are syncing and working great now! The Mormon messages are a good tool to have! Like yesterday we were visiting a less active who will talk for hours if we don't stop her so I got a moment to talk and talked about faith and showed the mountains to climb and it's a way cool video, and she stopped talking for a while. And then cried after it was way spiritual and a good lesson so that was rad.. But spring has hit Tennessee finally and it's beautiful it's really colorful again, and all the green is coming back! But I'm doing great and loving life! Love y'all Elder Ty