Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

This stupid Red Sox Gnome almost got me thrown into jail.

My District

Me and Lady! I wish!
Those chains once held a slave back in 1830. Crazy!!! Had blood stains on the wood floor from the Civil War.

Civil War House.

My Nikes ripped from balling so hard...
Another Transfer gone like that!!! They fly right on by now! I'm staying here in Lebanon with Elder Rumsey for this transfer! Which is good!! This week was good besides the fact that every night wasn't very good... No one seemed to answer or be home.. But it's just part of the game sometimes.. But our days this week were awesome!! All of our investigators are progressing!!!! Allan came to church, Zack dumped his girlfriend and started praying, Teresa read the first 11 chapters of the Book of Mormon, and Amanda is just doing great! We also found some new investigators who are rad! And when we were tracting we stopped on some one property so I could put our new investigator we just tracted into our area book in the iPad, and I guess that person property I was standing on called the cops on us and when we got around the comer I saw this Red Sox's gnome and took a picture with it, right when I was holding the gnome the cop showed up, and was like who are you guys, and what are you doing, and I hurried and put down the gnome and went out to talk with him hahaha the cop was pretty chill, but still way funny! We also got to go down to Carthage yesterday and got to go into the house build in the 1830s which was way cool!!!! There was a blood stain from the civil war, and there were bullet holes in the walls, and in the basement there was chains to hold up the slaves and all there cooking stuff it was a rad week!! But over all it was awesome to see all our investigators progress this week!! We were super happy!! Plus now with the time change missionary work will just get better! Have a great week Ty