Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

New hair for the day.

My Homies Elder V and Elder Rossianz, who just went home.

The whole mission, can you see Sister Jensen and me?
I hate to say it, but I am a Mini-Van Missionary

What a crazy week!! But a great one! Transfers went well we had an awesome speaker there Named Dan Clark! He is amazing! Such a great experience he pumped up the whole mission to get out there and work so hard! But it was awesome no lie! The only bad part of that day was the fact that it rained on the way there and some of stuff was super wet when I unpacked but it's all good! Clarskville is different then my last two areas! But it's amazing! I love it so far. It's an Army town. Fort Campbell is here and it's huge! There are so many army brats! But the ward here is amazing great ward mission plan and soooo many young army families who are way faithful, but the sad thing is that they move around always so nothing is to set in stone here! But the city of Clarksville is huge! So much bigger than my other area's. The only bad thing about that is that have I have to drive every other day which isn't fun in a big city! But it's all good! We don't have a huge teaching pool, but we are working on that! We knocked a lot of doors last week and sound some really good potentials. Something our mission is doing is teach with pictures in the pamphlets and so we have been teach the Resto to everyone! It's really easy that way, and everyone understands! ZL life is pretty much like an average missionary besides the fact that everyone looks up to you, and the phone rings a lot, but not too bad yet! But this week I get to go into Kentucky for an exchange which will be fun! But I'm doing great loving the work! Love y'all!

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

Easter Eggs

Thanks for the Egg Dying Kit - Keely

Elder Jaros- Zach - Elder Rumsey
Another Transfer gone... But this last week was a great one! We worked really hard, and had great numbers! So it was a win; win! We did a lot of finding these last two weeks, and we found some great people! We have about 7 new investigators right now who all have lots of potential! That's been a huge blessing here in Lebanon! It was also a great week to talk to people in the south about our savior, because everyone here loves Jesus Christ. I think that is one of my favorite things about the south is the fact that everyone loves Jesus, but everyone also has there own church, and do not want to talk about joining another.. and would never want to join the crazy Mormon church haha but that's just a another problem! But we were able to show the churches new video because of him to everyone. It's such a great video, and everyone who watched it loved it. So that was a blessing, and if you didn't get to watch it go do it! I also was able to learn so much from this one exchange from one of the elders in my district. He's been out for 6 weeks, and he is a champ. Super bold. He taught me again how important it is to share the Resto with everyone so that is what we did. He will be an AP some day soon. He's a great missionary, and I'm so grateful to be able to learn from him! We also had a good Sunday with lots of investigators at church 4 but that's lots! And it was great to see them there. I also got the call from President that I'm going to be a Zone Leader in the Hop town zone.. So I'm getting transferred over to Clarksville TN, but most of the zone is in Kentucky so I will spend lots of time is Kentucky. I was shocked to hear the call. I was finally getting good a being a DL in my mind, but change is a good thing. I've been praying that I can be a good leader. So hopefully it will all work out. Super nervous though. It's been wired couple days waiting for the call about transfers, and now packing and realizing I  have so much crap, and saying good bye to so many people.. but it will all be great! Elder Rumsey is staying and taking control. I hope I trained him up to be a beast way better than me! But I will miss Lebanon it's been a great 4 months here. I'm very grateful for my service here. Thanks for everything. Elder Jaros

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Flash flood in Tennessee.

Raining so this old dude named Herman who we chill with and read
 the bible; gave us trash-bags to wear.

In Tennessee wild onions grow everywhere.

The feast that I made myself.
Last week of another transfer!! Can't believe Elder Rumsey is almost done with training! He's a good missionary, and I've really enjoyed serving with him. It's been pretty fun with him! I hope I trained him good enough to be a boss missionary! I believe he will be! He's taught me too have fun and still be obedient so I have enjoyed that! We had Erica Lynn's friend come to church by her self and she has lots of faith in Jesus Christ, and she loves the church, and isn't scared to come alone, and we hope to baptize her soon.. She is ready! Maybe the last week of April! I had to go bear my testimony yesterday because there was no youth speaker.. I hate going up there still, but I hope it was good.. I didn't want to cry so I talked fast! We had a bunch of meetings last week! They were good, but killed numbers! This ward needs a missionary boost real bad! Me and Elder Rumsey made a goal of always naming three things were grateful format night during the day! It helps us out lots so I would ask y'all to do the same! Love y'all happy Easter!

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Printers Alley Downtown Nashville

Grand Olde Opry
The real Grand Olde Opry

The huge hotel by the Grand Olde Opry
Elder Rossianz & Jaros at the State Capitol
Wasn't Conference amazing?? I thought so my self! It answered all my questions, and excited me to not sleep through the restoration!!! But besides just conference this week was super busy for Elder Jaros. Went and toured the big city last Monday!! Nashville is such a awesome city!! It was really clean, and had some cool country music places! Opry mills was the coolest though! But I would highly suggest going to Nashville for any of y'all! I also went on exchanges down in Watertown
has week! I love H2O town! Besides there apartment has lots of mold.. But there are some great country folks down there. The people there either love the missionaries or hate.. But they have found some great people to teach down there, and was cool to get to meet them, and hopefully help them come closer to baptism and Christ! Back here in Lebanon we learned that one of our investigators received his answer about the church!!!!!! It was awesome! Super spiritual! Plus he came to the priesthood session which will good for him! We are going to go set a date with him tonight! Plus we picked up these awesome investigators who have lots potential! But I'm stoked for them! Some of my favorite talks were Elder Scott's I thought it applied well with missionary work, and I really liked the priesthood session! I thought it was great! The one big theme I picked up on for me in my life is being more Christ like and loving! I needed to hear that! As Elder Holland said Christ Like love can change the world! But I'm doing great! Love y'all Ty Guy