Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

New hair for the day.

My Homies Elder V and Elder Rossianz, who just went home.

The whole mission, can you see Sister Jensen and me?
I hate to say it, but I am a Mini-Van Missionary

What a crazy week!! But a great one! Transfers went well we had an awesome speaker there Named Dan Clark! He is amazing! Such a great experience he pumped up the whole mission to get out there and work so hard! But it was awesome no lie! The only bad part of that day was the fact that it rained on the way there and some of stuff was super wet when I unpacked but it's all good! Clarskville is different then my last two areas! But it's amazing! I love it so far. It's an Army town. Fort Campbell is here and it's huge! There are so many army brats! But the ward here is amazing great ward mission plan and soooo many young army families who are way faithful, but the sad thing is that they move around always so nothing is to set in stone here! But the city of Clarksville is huge! So much bigger than my other area's. The only bad thing about that is that have I have to drive every other day which isn't fun in a big city! But it's all good! We don't have a huge teaching pool, but we are working on that! We knocked a lot of doors last week and sound some really good potentials. Something our mission is doing is teach with pictures in the pamphlets and so we have been teach the Resto to everyone! It's really easy that way, and everyone understands! ZL life is pretty much like an average missionary besides the fact that everyone looks up to you, and the phone rings a lot, but not too bad yet! But this week I get to go into Kentucky for an exchange which will be fun! But I'm doing great loving the work! Love y'all!