Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Printers Alley Downtown Nashville

Grand Olde Opry
The real Grand Olde Opry

The huge hotel by the Grand Olde Opry
Elder Rossianz & Jaros at the State Capitol
Wasn't Conference amazing?? I thought so my self! It answered all my questions, and excited me to not sleep through the restoration!!! But besides just conference this week was super busy for Elder Jaros. Went and toured the big city last Monday!! Nashville is such a awesome city!! It was really clean, and had some cool country music places! Opry mills was the coolest though! But I would highly suggest going to Nashville for any of y'all! I also went on exchanges down in Watertown
has week! I love H2O town! Besides there apartment has lots of mold.. But there are some great country folks down there. The people there either love the missionaries or hate.. But they have found some great people to teach down there, and was cool to get to meet them, and hopefully help them come closer to baptism and Christ! Back here in Lebanon we learned that one of our investigators received his answer about the church!!!!!! It was awesome! Super spiritual! Plus he came to the priesthood session which will good for him! We are going to go set a date with him tonight! Plus we picked up these awesome investigators who have lots potential! But I'm stoked for them! Some of my favorite talks were Elder Scott's I thought it applied well with missionary work, and I really liked the priesthood session! I thought it was great! The one big theme I picked up on for me in my life is being more Christ like and loving! I needed to hear that! As Elder Holland said Christ Like love can change the world! But I'm doing great! Love y'all Ty Guy