Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Flash flood in Tennessee.

Raining so this old dude named Herman who we chill with and read
 the bible; gave us trash-bags to wear.

In Tennessee wild onions grow everywhere.

The feast that I made myself.
Last week of another transfer!! Can't believe Elder Rumsey is almost done with training! He's a good missionary, and I've really enjoyed serving with him. It's been pretty fun with him! I hope I trained him good enough to be a boss missionary! I believe he will be! He's taught me too have fun and still be obedient so I have enjoyed that! We had Erica Lynn's friend come to church by her self and she has lots of faith in Jesus Christ, and she loves the church, and isn't scared to come alone, and we hope to baptize her soon.. She is ready! Maybe the last week of April! I had to go bear my testimony yesterday because there was no youth speaker.. I hate going up there still, but I hope it was good.. I didn't want to cry so I talked fast! We had a bunch of meetings last week! They were good, but killed numbers! This ward needs a missionary boost real bad! Me and Elder Rumsey made a goal of always naming three things were grateful format night during the day! It helps us out lots so I would ask y'all to do the same! Love y'all happy Easter!