Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

I found my street in Kentucky.

First snow cone of the year.

Ping Pong !! Best Exchange.
Time is flying right on by! So crazy! Last week was good! We were busy driving everywhere but it was a good week! We weren't in our area on Wednesday and Thursday which was kind of scary for our own work! So we loaded up Monday night and Tuesday with all our investigators! It went
pretty well! We were able to Meet with an awesome family we tracted into at the first of the transfer they are doing great! They love to just talk to us so we had to rush through the plan of salvation to get home on time but we did it! We also went over to visit an investigator because she can't quit smoking... We wanted to see if she had a testimony of the Book of Mormon or if she was investigated the church and she bore an awesome testimony about the Book of Mormon which was rad! So tonight we are going to present the stop smoking work shop. Hopefully it will go great! We also have a single mom with two small kids, and she is way funny! We have taught her lesson one and two and she is reading so hopefully we can set a date with her this week! Our teaching pool isn't too bad now we build it up a lot so that's a great thing! I spend two days in Morgantown Kentucky! Such an sweet little down! I loved it! It has 2000 people in the town, and a branch of about 75 people so it's doing pretty good! But I've miss the good old southern people that they have in Morgantown! Everyone in Clarksville is army so there is no real southern folk left here... But it was an great exchange! Maybe someday I will serve there! But it was a really good week and Elder Cragun and I even met our goals each day! Besides no one came to church.. But we are working on that! Have a blessed week! Love Elder Tyler James