Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

Just chillin in Kentucky

Looking white and nerdy mowing the lawn hahaha but super white!

Found a four leaf clover but it wasn't the luckiest day of my mish.. But i do love verse 21!

But there are clovers everywhere... my comp is always looking for them but i found one first

So on our way to Hop town Kentucky we were driving down the freeway, and we passed a Horse and wagon on the freeway.. that when you know your in Kentucky hahaha
This week was pretty good! We had our progressing Investigator at church! She is pretty cool! She has been investigating for a long time she has twin boys who are about 6 months old, but she has a hold up of smoking, and can't seem to give it up! But we are going to talk about it tonight! Plus her husband smokes so it's hard for to quit when someone else in the same house is smoking but pray for her! We also have some awesome potential who we are working with! We had a good first week of Knocking doors and found about 15 potential about 6 now but the one is young family who is so golden.. Her name is Jo anna is his name is John. They have two young kids! Army family just amazing people, and we taught them lesson one and went a little into two last week, but hopefully we can help them soon! I spend a few day up in Beautiful Kentucky haha! It's a lot like Tennessee but no hills.. Just flat farm land for days! And everyone has like 2 horses! But I met some awesome people who are investigating the church up there. They have a pretty big ward, but rest of Kentucky which is a part of our zone is all branches! But Kentucky was nice, but I would rather stay here in Tennessee. I'm starting to learn how to talk army.. like ask people what there mos is and other stuff.. I had no idea they had there own language but they do. I'm working on it my comp is big into the army so that's good. But I'm doing good. Hope y'all are too! Love Elder Jaros.. Oh Happy Birthday Kyle/Cinco De mayo! and Happy Mothers Day!