Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

Not very many pic this week! But this is called the Mother.. it's awful! But it helps you stay skinny and keeps away ticks! I hate it but take like a spoon full daily ha!

Today is my 11 month mark! It's scary how fast these 11 months went!  But they have been an amazing experience! Wouldn't trade it for anything! Last week was great! We have really turned around our area!  We are working hard and we are getting our numbers up which has been such a blessing! The biggest Miracle this transfer is Diana! She came to church again! 4 in a row! Which has been awesome! She is stoked for her baptism and we are too! She is a very golden contact! She has accepted every thing we taught and she reads from the Book of Mormon daily it's just been a huge blessing! So this week we had stake correlation, and that is when we meet with our mission president (President Andersen) and the stake president (President Craig) and the STL's but we just talk about the Zone, and go over numbers and it's just a great meeting. President Craig is an awesome guy he's 35 and is stake president! He came to our sacrament meeting to speak and he had an awesome lesson about hope in Christ! It was great, but it's been awesome getting to know him these last two transfers! But I'm doing great! Thanks for all the love and support! Oh and Happy 4th of July!
Love Elder Jaros!

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

Street in Kentucky

Tired Missionary

Odd things you find in an Elders apartment.

Doggy Kiss

Rocky the dog

Marshall Drive
Last week was truly great! Just a solid week! We met our goals! So that's always a blessing! We had Zone Conference last Tuesday! It was great! The training were just what we needed! So grateful for them! But I was not grateful for the fact that I had to sit up on the stand.. I hate being in front of people! It sucks! Ha they made me conduct.. Ha but it wasn't too bad I the end! Just learning to over
come my fears! But the meeting hit on how to improve our quick lessons with people by applying the scriptures! Then after I went on a exchange for a few days.. I had to go over to the gloomiest town in
Kentucky! It just has a gloom over it! But it wasn't a half bad exchange! This week we also taught Dianna the word of wisdom and lesson three! She came to church yesterday so she is being prepared
right onto baptism! So that's great! She even has read all her reading calendar already so we are pretty stoked for her! One cool miracle this week came on Saturday! As we are tracting for one hour as
missionaries we pray about what streets to knock, and so I have been praying for streets to knock and Marshall came to find so we knocked Marshall and met 2 solid new investigators! It was awesome! So thank you also Marshall family for having that last name! But it's been great down here in TN! Just hot! But thanks for the love! Love Elder Jaros!

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

My first Father's Day gift!
Best Burger Place EVER! It's called the Pharmacy! Soooo good! And
that's my boy Jake Orr
Scootering for days.. to bad it wasn't Sasha.. Miss that scooter!

Good Morning Clarksville
Time is flying on by still!! Last week was so much better than the first week of the transfer! It started off with us going over to our investigator who came to church on the 6/8, and we were able to set a date with her! It was a great spiritual lesson! She was the one who asked how she could be baptized! So that was awesome! Plus she came to church again yesterday! She is making friends, and seems to be really enjoying everything that is going on! Which is awesome! We've been praying for a miracle, and she could just be it! Some else that happened this last week is that our ward has really stepped up in going out with us! We were able to get 3 exchanges last week which was awesome and we have 6 this week which helps a lot because we are short on miles because we had to drive across our zone to Lietchfield Kentucky for a baptismal interview 6 hour drive.. and I had to drive which was the worst part! But the interview went good and they both were baptized over the weekend! Which was great! We also were able to sit down with a JW! haha It was a very interesting long lesson with her! She is strange and very confused! Ha But it was of the funnest lessons of the mish so far! We also were able to visit another investigator and talk to her about quitting smoking by the end of the month, and getting baptized! She actually was the one who brought it up this time which was a blessing! She also came to church last week! But over all it was a great week! And this week has already started off great with us going down to the Pharmacy burger place in Nashville with a member to get the best burger in Tennessee! And it was probably the best burger I've ever had! I also wanted to say Happy Fathers day to everyone out there! I'm grateful for my Pa's and everything that he has done for me, and I'm grateful for all the Dad's and example of good fathers I have seen in my life. So thank you all very much! But I'm doing great and lovin life here in Tennessee! Oh and I will send some rain Y'all's way because I'm sick of it all here! ha Love Yall Elder Ty

Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

The view of the forest i live by!

Fire Fly catching!

The outfit i wish i could wear...

Book of Mormon time.. 

This last week was extremely awkward! It was nothing like the spiritual feast we had last weekend! ha! We spent lots of the time knocking doors but not finding really anyone which was a bummer.. But we did have two people at church!! Kari came! She didn't make it through the stop smoking workshop... but her fellow shipper will be back on Wednesday so we will restart with her. She has cut down to 3 a day from 10 in 2 weeks so we are on the right track, but she needs just a little more of a push and we will be able to get her baptized! I've been praying for those guys a lot and really want to see them take the next step! My first Zone Meeting training went pretty good! I was super nervous.. which was not fun, but I got through my training pretty fast and sat down! The AP's said it was good so that all that counts haha! But we're hoping for a great week with some more people at church! But thanks for all the love and support!

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Tennessee summer sky! Afternoon showers daily! 

Tennesseeeeeee is soooo greennnnnn

I love the nashville sky line! 

After Mission Leadership Conference with Mission President.
10 months are gone now! and another transfer is in the books! This last week was so spiritual. It was truly amazing. This church is so true, and we are so blessed to have the the Holy Ghost in our lives. I'm going start with today. So we were at Wal-Mart just barely and we were about to check out I had some Almond milk and some allergic pills and that was it.. When an ex member of the church walked up to us and said i'm buying your stuff.. and we were like no no no no but she kept fight us.. So her kindness won. But she has just lost her husband and she has two little boys. She gave us her number and said to call her tomorrow. But it filled me up with so much gratitude. There are still awesome people in this world. Now on to yesterday we had an investigator that did not come to church which sucked not going to lie and then our other investigators ride did not pick them up... the member forgot.. But had a new investigator come which was good! We need to set a date with them all... But the cool part about yesterday was the fact that we got to stand in a baby blessing. It was so cool. The spirit was so strong. It was with our favorite family in the ward the Orr's. It was an awesome experience! The spirit was strong. Then MLC on saturday was amazing. We have the meeting in the mission home which bring such a sweet spirit 19 missionaries. We were spoiled because Elder Pino from the 70 came to speak to us. His present just brings in the spirit so strongly it was an awesome experience. Him and President Andersen talked about Raising the vision here in the Tennessee Nashville mission. It was an great meeting. But the spirit in that room was so wonderful. Just an great experience. We also were able to teach some cool lessons last week also. I also got the opportunity to tell the missionaries where they are going and what was going on which was fun! But last week was great! So we still have work to do but we are stoked for another transfer! But thanks for the love and support! Love Elder Jaros