Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

My first Father's Day gift!
Best Burger Place EVER! It's called the Pharmacy! Soooo good! And
that's my boy Jake Orr
Scootering for days.. to bad it wasn't Sasha.. Miss that scooter!

Good Morning Clarksville
Time is flying on by still!! Last week was so much better than the first week of the transfer! It started off with us going over to our investigator who came to church on the 6/8, and we were able to set a date with her! It was a great spiritual lesson! She was the one who asked how she could be baptized! So that was awesome! Plus she came to church again yesterday! She is making friends, and seems to be really enjoying everything that is going on! Which is awesome! We've been praying for a miracle, and she could just be it! Some else that happened this last week is that our ward has really stepped up in going out with us! We were able to get 3 exchanges last week which was awesome and we have 6 this week which helps a lot because we are short on miles because we had to drive across our zone to Lietchfield Kentucky for a baptismal interview 6 hour drive.. and I had to drive which was the worst part! But the interview went good and they both were baptized over the weekend! Which was great! We also were able to sit down with a JW! haha It was a very interesting long lesson with her! She is strange and very confused! Ha But it was of the funnest lessons of the mish so far! We also were able to visit another investigator and talk to her about quitting smoking by the end of the month, and getting baptized! She actually was the one who brought it up this time which was a blessing! She also came to church last week! But over all it was a great week! And this week has already started off great with us going down to the Pharmacy burger place in Nashville with a member to get the best burger in Tennessee! And it was probably the best burger I've ever had! I also wanted to say Happy Fathers day to everyone out there! I'm grateful for my Pa's and everything that he has done for me, and I'm grateful for all the Dad's and example of good fathers I have seen in my life. So thank you all very much! But I'm doing great and lovin life here in Tennessee! Oh and I will send some rain Y'all's way because I'm sick of it all here! ha Love Yall Elder Ty