Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

The view of the forest i live by!

Fire Fly catching!

The outfit i wish i could wear...

Book of Mormon time.. 

This last week was extremely awkward! It was nothing like the spiritual feast we had last weekend! ha! We spent lots of the time knocking doors but not finding really anyone which was a bummer.. But we did have two people at church!! Kari came! She didn't make it through the stop smoking workshop... but her fellow shipper will be back on Wednesday so we will restart with her. She has cut down to 3 a day from 10 in 2 weeks so we are on the right track, but she needs just a little more of a push and we will be able to get her baptized! I've been praying for those guys a lot and really want to see them take the next step! My first Zone Meeting training went pretty good! I was super nervous.. which was not fun, but I got through my training pretty fast and sat down! The AP's said it was good so that all that counts haha! But we're hoping for a great week with some more people at church! But thanks for all the love and support!