Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

Me and my new homie Jake! He rad

So this is a giant arrow head this one investigator found and gave me!

Me and the comp before he goes back to the motherland aka Utah
Fun fact about today a year ago was my fair well! The year mark is coming up! But this last week was great! We had 27 Lessons which was great for us even with me getting car sick.. I hate Tennessee roads at times! We had Zone meeting on Wednesday and I wasn't to nervous this time which was good.. I didn't shake and I just shared my training and it went pretty good! The A.P. approved so that was good! Ha but it's getting easier and easier to speak in front of missionaries now which is a blessing! Then on Saturday we got the transfer call info! I'm stay here in Clarksville and I'm getting Elder Schnell! He's been a ZL for a while so that's a good thing! I didn't want to  have to break someone into it! But it will be fun! He's a great elder. I'm pretty stoked to be staying here in Clarksville! I real love this area. It's has some amazing members and we have some great investigators! One of the great ones is Josh! We taught him Lesson 3 on Saturday and set a date with him of August 2nd! He is pretty stoked! He has already came to church 3 time, but there are some issues we have to work out in the next few weeks! But pray for him! I'm doing great, and excited for this change up it will be great! Hope all is well! Love y'all!!