Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

Tennessee sky's :)

Me and elder Schnell

Me and another kitty!

Me and the Cornetts!

Family what is up! Tennessee is soooooooo Hot! Oh my it's awful out here! 100 three days in a row! It's killer! Plus rain every day! I just want some nice fall weather now! But August is always the hottest month out here! We had a very busy week! We were on exchanges from Monday to Friday! The first exchange was with the A.P. Elder Togaloa!

I call him E. Tag! He is a great elder. He was my ZL for my first three transfers. It was a great exchange. He taught me a lot. How to improve and how to help improve my teaching skills! It was an awesome time. We then took the drive up to KY! Good old Kentucky.. Ha there are some real southern people up there! Ha But we went to this awesome town called name Princeten! It was a fun trip. Killed us on miles though, but over all the exchanges were great! The second one was a little long... But hopefully I helped that Elder improve! The week here in Clarksville was filled with super solid appointments! It was great. We taught some awesome people. We taught the Cornett's again and Elder Schnell and I need some help with them! We do not know what to do with them. Back in April we knocked into them and they let us share Lesson one and it was a spiritual smack down! Then over the next few weeks we tried to get them to come to church we taught them the plan of salvation and that went good! But still they didn't come to church! So now we are still off and on teaching them... Her biggest concern is that she is mad at Heavenly Father for taking her mother so young as she says. But we need some help! They need try gospel, but we just don't know where to go next with them! Email me and suggestions! Last time we were over there she pulled out here family history and we learned that she is related to JOSEPH SMITH!!!! Her grandma is a smith who goes all the way back to Joseph Smith! So she has prophet blood!

Thanks for all the prayers and support! Couldn't do it with out y'all!

Elder Jaros

Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 18, 2014

Me and this girl hula hooping!

Mini van life. Our road trip to Kentucky!

This one is all corn! ha 

Good old small towns in the mish

Another not so bad week! Little rougher as the week went on, but the first of the week was so awesome! Elder Schnell and I are still on the rebuild of our area. It's hard work. We dropped most everyone because they weren't doing much. We spend a lot of time Knocking doors and contacting some new less actives! We found two really awesome people knocking doors! One of them was this Soman family who is a part member family! We knocked into them and they were stoked to see us! We shared the message of the Resto with them and it was super cool. We also met this cool lady named Chessna who is really promising.. just got to catch her home again, but this area is pretty hard I must say. If we didn't have such an awesome ward I would hate it here. Speaking of our ward we got a new bishop! We had no idea it was the person that was called, but the Lord calls who he needs. This week we also spend a road trip to one side of the zone up in Kentucky. We went out to Morgantown again and then we went to Elkton KY. Good small farming areas! Life is good here in Tennessee! It's sure busy.. and this week will be even busyer! But take love yall Elder Jaros

August 11, 2014

Thanks Keely for the package your the best.

Mission Leader Conference.

And my bro Immanuel he is a boss. I did his baptismal interview! He would come to church with us and we became good friends

Giant Bug. I have to live with these in Tennessee.

This is us and the STL's but they don't look very happy ha!

Oh my.. Where did last week go! We were so busy. Two meetings and two exchanges! Tuesday meeting was amazing! It was everything I needed. It was all about consecration, and how this is the time to serve The Lord. It was a great training by Sister Andersen. She had us spend time reflecting on what keeps us from giving our whole heart to The Lord. I went out on the deck at the mission home and just thought for a long time, and made some goals to improve. MLC is the best meeting.

Super spiritual. No non sense from missionaries just a great meeting, and it's fun to be together in the mission home. That home has such am amazing spirit in it! But all the topics trained on at MLC helped me so much. We also had zone meeting on the things we learned at MLC. I trained on follow up. It was way fun! The Lord has really helped my weakness of being shy in front of people become a lot better, which is a huge blessing. It was a good meeting over all! We also had two exchanges this week one on Thursday and then on Saturday they were great also. The one on Thursday was with my trainer which was crazy to be with him again it's almost been a year sense I was being trained, and the other one was with an new Elder who is awesome. He will be a great Elder some day soon! He has signed to play for SUU in football which is cool. We are still on the rebuilding on our area. No one really progressing right now. Lots of door knocked and more to go. We are having a hard time with investigators coming to church so that is where we need to step it up. One huge miracle was seeing a good friend of mine Immanuel get baptized! We taught him sometimes, and he has an awesome testimony and he was baptized up in Hop-town over the weekend.

Thanks for all the love and support! Love y'all! Elder Jaros

Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

One Year Celebration
Morning workout swag.
On exchange we rode the bus all over town.

Josh's Baptism
Year two of the mission! This week was great! We had lots of lessons and the best part was that Josh was BAPTIZED! It was a super spiritual moment! There was a lot of the YSA members from the little branch there to support because we are trying to get him to go to YSA instead of the family ward! He has really broken out of his shell! He was a huge miracle. He was a member referral which was great! Just a great ending to a great week! Now it's time to rebuild our area! We are going to be doing a lot of finding this week so pray for the Clarksville 2nd area! Our area is one of the smallest in the mission so that makes it hard to find and such because we over lap with the sisters! But we are excited to find more people to teach! Yesterday we talked about priesthood influences in our life's and it was a good subject to talk about! I thought about all the awesome ones in my life, and the ones yesterday that really stood out was triple H! (Roger Hulet,  Dave Hoops and Hessy) now as I look back I'm really grateful for the leaders that I've had to help me get to this point so thank you! But life is good! We are going to Nashville tomorrow for MLC which will be awesome! Thanks for  everything! Love Tyler

Friday, August 1, 2014

July 28, 2014

One year mark week.. I honestly have no idea where that time went. This last year last been amazing. I've learned more this last year than I had my whole life. I think the biggest thing I've learned personally thus far that this is so impossible with out Heavenly Father. I have come to know that he is my best friend, and he will help me through anything. The power of prayer is truly amazing, and I know that it's by the power of prayer that I will make it this next year and that it will be wonderful year 2 of my mission! But last week was busy! We were going every where it seemed like. We had a great meeting with our Stake President about how the missionary work is going in the Hippy Hop town zone!! We had a wonderful June up here. There was 12 baptism and it was a fun month to report on! This month not so much.. July for some reason has been a little rough! Not the best number. Not a lot of excited across the zone right now so we are going to pump everyone up some how! We also had exchanges with some Elders. I was with a greenie! It was fun to be around some one with so much excitement for the work! It really helped boast me up! Then to finish off the busy week we had Interview with President which were great! He had us teach him about of the Book of Mormon. It was fun! Teaching has become so much easier over this last year, but it was a great interview! We read together Matthew 14; Where Peter walks on water and falls when he doesn't look towards the savior, and he told me this next year to always look towards the savior. So that will be a huge goal of this next year is to look forward to the savior and have no regrets. Josh came to church for 6th time! Which was awesome and we are all set up for Josh's baptism coming up this Saturday! It will be great! But the work is great here in Clarksville. I love this area. Still so shocked to thing that I only have a year left! But it will be great. I'm excited to be here! Stay safe everyone and have a great week! Love Elder Jaros