Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 18, 2014

Me and this girl hula hooping!

Mini van life. Our road trip to Kentucky!

This one is all corn! ha 

Good old small towns in the mish

Another not so bad week! Little rougher as the week went on, but the first of the week was so awesome! Elder Schnell and I are still on the rebuild of our area. It's hard work. We dropped most everyone because they weren't doing much. We spend a lot of time Knocking doors and contacting some new less actives! We found two really awesome people knocking doors! One of them was this Soman family who is a part member family! We knocked into them and they were stoked to see us! We shared the message of the Resto with them and it was super cool. We also met this cool lady named Chessna who is really promising.. just got to catch her home again, but this area is pretty hard I must say. If we didn't have such an awesome ward I would hate it here. Speaking of our ward we got a new bishop! We had no idea it was the person that was called, but the Lord calls who he needs. This week we also spend a road trip to one side of the zone up in Kentucky. We went out to Morgantown again and then we went to Elkton KY. Good small farming areas! Life is good here in Tennessee! It's sure busy.. and this week will be even busyer! But take love yall Elder Jaros