Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

Tennessee sky's :)

Me and elder Schnell

Me and another kitty!

Me and the Cornetts!

Family what is up! Tennessee is soooooooo Hot! Oh my it's awful out here! 100 three days in a row! It's killer! Plus rain every day! I just want some nice fall weather now! But August is always the hottest month out here! We had a very busy week! We were on exchanges from Monday to Friday! The first exchange was with the A.P. Elder Togaloa!

I call him E. Tag! He is a great elder. He was my ZL for my first three transfers. It was a great exchange. He taught me a lot. How to improve and how to help improve my teaching skills! It was an awesome time. We then took the drive up to KY! Good old Kentucky.. Ha there are some real southern people up there! Ha But we went to this awesome town called name Princeten! It was a fun trip. Killed us on miles though, but over all the exchanges were great! The second one was a little long... But hopefully I helped that Elder improve! The week here in Clarksville was filled with super solid appointments! It was great. We taught some awesome people. We taught the Cornett's again and Elder Schnell and I need some help with them! We do not know what to do with them. Back in April we knocked into them and they let us share Lesson one and it was a spiritual smack down! Then over the next few weeks we tried to get them to come to church we taught them the plan of salvation and that went good! But still they didn't come to church! So now we are still off and on teaching them... Her biggest concern is that she is mad at Heavenly Father for taking her mother so young as she says. But we need some help! They need try gospel, but we just don't know where to go next with them! Email me and suggestions! Last time we were over there she pulled out here family history and we learned that she is related to JOSEPH SMITH!!!! Her grandma is a smith who goes all the way back to Joseph Smith! So she has prophet blood!

Thanks for all the prayers and support! Couldn't do it with out y'all!

Elder Jaros