Friday, August 1, 2014

July 28, 2014

One year mark week.. I honestly have no idea where that time went. This last year last been amazing. I've learned more this last year than I had my whole life. I think the biggest thing I've learned personally thus far that this is so impossible with out Heavenly Father. I have come to know that he is my best friend, and he will help me through anything. The power of prayer is truly amazing, and I know that it's by the power of prayer that I will make it this next year and that it will be wonderful year 2 of my mission! But last week was busy! We were going every where it seemed like. We had a great meeting with our Stake President about how the missionary work is going in the Hippy Hop town zone!! We had a wonderful June up here. There was 12 baptism and it was a fun month to report on! This month not so much.. July for some reason has been a little rough! Not the best number. Not a lot of excited across the zone right now so we are going to pump everyone up some how! We also had exchanges with some Elders. I was with a greenie! It was fun to be around some one with so much excitement for the work! It really helped boast me up! Then to finish off the busy week we had Interview with President which were great! He had us teach him about of the Book of Mormon. It was fun! Teaching has become so much easier over this last year, but it was a great interview! We read together Matthew 14; Where Peter walks on water and falls when he doesn't look towards the savior, and he told me this next year to always look towards the savior. So that will be a huge goal of this next year is to look forward to the savior and have no regrets. Josh came to church for 6th time! Which was awesome and we are all set up for Josh's baptism coming up this Saturday! It will be great! But the work is great here in Clarksville. I love this area. Still so shocked to thing that I only have a year left! But it will be great. I'm excited to be here! Stay safe everyone and have a great week! Love Elder Jaros