Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

One Year Celebration
Morning workout swag.
On exchange we rode the bus all over town.

Josh's Baptism
Year two of the mission! This week was great! We had lots of lessons and the best part was that Josh was BAPTIZED! It was a super spiritual moment! There was a lot of the YSA members from the little branch there to support because we are trying to get him to go to YSA instead of the family ward! He has really broken out of his shell! He was a huge miracle. He was a member referral which was great! Just a great ending to a great week! Now it's time to rebuild our area! We are going to be doing a lot of finding this week so pray for the Clarksville 2nd area! Our area is one of the smallest in the mission so that makes it hard to find and such because we over lap with the sisters! But we are excited to find more people to teach! Yesterday we talked about priesthood influences in our life's and it was a good subject to talk about! I thought about all the awesome ones in my life, and the ones yesterday that really stood out was triple H! (Roger Hulet,  Dave Hoops and Hessy) now as I look back I'm really grateful for the leaders that I've had to help me get to this point so thank you! But life is good! We are going to Nashville tomorrow for MLC which will be awesome! Thanks for  everything! Love Tyler