Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Cutest puppy ever!
Nothing better to break your fast than a fast break!
Missionary/Member 40 day fast! We were shocked that so many people signed up!
The ghetto of Clarksville! It has a police camera!

A week of miracles! This last week has been amazing. We were so blessed here in a Clarksville! We had another busy great week. We had two exchanges, and lots of busy work. The biggest miracle came randomly. We received a referral which wasn't anything to surprising we usually get one a month, and they usually aren't very interested in the gospel. So we called, and he said yes! I would love to meet with you all! Let's meet up at that church on Friday afternoon! We said sweet, and went over to church on Friday afternoon after every missionaries favorite activity weekly planning. We waited and waited and no one showed up, and we were like this is typical.

That night he texted us and said he was stuck in a meeting, and we reschedule for Saturday morning, and he showed up 45 minutes late, but we taught him lesson one, and asked him to pray about Joesph Smith and read a chapter of the Book of Mormon. We went on our marry way thinking that was a good lesson, and then later that day we had just finish a call with President Andersen; he gave us a call and said he prayed about Joesph Smith, and he knows he's a prophet!! We were like that sweet, and we set a date over the phone with him!! He couldn't come to church on  Sunday, but he called us last night and he's been reading and just loving life. We are just waiting for Ashton Kuchter to come out and say we are getting punked! Ha we are stoked for this guy! We also started a 40 day fast with our members to have a missionary opportunity! Sooo many great things are happening up here in Clarksville! We had one investigator at church, and two less actives families! So excited right now! Loving life. Hope all is well at home! Love Elder Jaros

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014



Butterflies every where!

The Clarksville sisters

Gross bugs..

Super spiritual week! It was great! We had some big miracles here in Clarksville! To start off we are still super busy, and it's been going great. We had a mission wide fast on Wednesday which was cool. Super spiritual District Meetings and just a difference in the work all day long. We received a referral that day from the YSA sisters of an awesome new part member family who was way cool! They were stoked to see, and we think the wife will get baptized some time soon! Just awesome people. On Friday it was just a sweet day. We had the temple in the morning which was needed! I love the temple! I wish we could go more as missionaries, it's the best spiritual re-boast out there, and after the temple we had MLC with Elder Kopischke which was awesome as well! He's way funny! He taught us about being more personal with the missionaries, working with members, and teaching for conversion. Great topics, and just over all great meeting. I love MLC it's the best meeting! Then while we were at MLC we get an call from another part member family we are teaching, and we couldn't answer it, but he sent us a text that said "I need my temple recommend, and my wife needs to be baptized" we were so stoked! Than they came to church on Sunday! It was awesome! But it was great week. Loving life in TN!

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Robin Hood and Little John!!!!!

Go Utes! 

Elkton KY

Elkton KY

We wish we could wear hats all day everyday!

Loving life in Tennessee! Last week was great! We have three big things going on right now in Clarksville. The first one is trying to get the ward more involved in missionary work! We really struggle with home teaching and visiting teaching in our ward! So we have started to try to help. We have started to work with the ward council or start family mission plans, and a ward fast to help the ward increase the missionary work, and the H.T. & V.T. In our ward. Which has been a lot of work. The ward is great, but not very organized and nothing really gets done out here in Tennessee.. Our second thing objective is to organize all 245 of the sisters contacts that we have to sort and figure out what's up with them. Then we are trying to help the zone, but mostly just a section of the zone work harder.. Which is probably the most changeling part of the jobs, but need less to say we are BUSY!! Which is great! The days fly right on by. We need more hours in the day to complete all out tasks! I feel like it's really helping me stay focused on my purpose though which is awesome. We had another good week of finding using iPads and bible videos, which help us with a ton our new investigators! Shawn our investigator with a date is doing great! Still super interested, but he hasn't made it to church yet.. So we need him to come! We did have one of our progressing investigators named Margaret come to church which was great! She loved it, and she said she would be back! So we are stoked for her! One of the young men in our ward received his mission call this week to which was great! He's going to Brazil! He invited us to come by when he opened it! There the Utah fans by the way!! Go utes! Doing great out here! Love ya Elder Jaros

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

One of favorite little kids!

Mission car checks!

Some of mish bros.
Elder Golightly and me served together in Burgess Falls almost a year ago now!

This is the zone.. To big to handle.

Another week gone! We had a great week! Lots of success! We've been super busy. It started last Monday we knocked doors down Robin Hood street and we talked to like everyone on that street! We meet 7 Solid new people. They are all sweet, and we have return appointments with them all. On Tuesday we had a huge miracle of finding a new super awesome part member family. We went to go visit a less active family in the afternoon, and when we knock some guy answered and said Elders come on in, and we did. We learned that he is not a member, and he just moved there with his wife to live with his wife sister who is a member in our ward, but he has already taken the discussions and he is pretty stoked to get back in to church! So hope fully we can get them to come next week! We need them he has 5 girls who aren't members but old enough to be! Just an amazing a miracle! Rest of the week was full of exchanges, and then we had zone conference on Friday! It was a really great meeting. Much needed. We didn't have to do anything which was awesome. It was a lot out have integrity to be obedient and working with members. The topics were awesome! There was lots learned, and it was just an great experience over all. We then had another exchanges with the A.P. until Sunday, but at church we had 2 investigators! An part member family who is awesome! They were there, and then we had had another part member family there. Huge blessings.

Life is good, mission life is busy. Hope all is good back in Utah.

Elder Jaros

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014


Me after the rain soaks me.

Tennessee Jungle

This is Damion, he is awesome.

These flowers that have just appeared out of no-where.

Weekly Planning, I hate it!

September is already here! Last week was outstanding besides the fact of all the rain and having no miles.. We were busy running around contacting all the sisters old investigators and finding 14 new ones our self! Which was awesome! We also received a bunch of referrals from salt lake this week and all four has been so promising. We talked to one for two hours on Thursday. It was awesome, because usually those people are way mad to see missionaries coming to there door! We also had Stake Correlation with President Criag. He's the best. Over the weekend we were able to help out at one of my favorite family's the McMains family baptism. There son was getting baptized! He is a funny kid! It was a great experience. Then on Sunday we were asked to be judges for primary idol! It was a blast! We have the best primary out here! So many funny kids. They scream the chorus but they don't really no the other words, but it made me miss the good old days of primary. I think I even teared up during army of Helamen. Over all it was a great week. The best part was setting a date late last night with one of our investigators Shawn! He's going to get dunked after we get him to church a few times. He is pretty new but super interested, we are still working with the Cornetts. We meet with them tomorrow.

Life is good here in Tennessee! Can't wait for fall! Love Elder Jaros