Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Robin Hood and Little John!!!!!

Go Utes! 

Elkton KY

Elkton KY

We wish we could wear hats all day everyday!

Loving life in Tennessee! Last week was great! We have three big things going on right now in Clarksville. The first one is trying to get the ward more involved in missionary work! We really struggle with home teaching and visiting teaching in our ward! So we have started to try to help. We have started to work with the ward council or start family mission plans, and a ward fast to help the ward increase the missionary work, and the H.T. & V.T. In our ward. Which has been a lot of work. The ward is great, but not very organized and nothing really gets done out here in Tennessee.. Our second thing objective is to organize all 245 of the sisters contacts that we have to sort and figure out what's up with them. Then we are trying to help the zone, but mostly just a section of the zone work harder.. Which is probably the most changeling part of the jobs, but need less to say we are BUSY!! Which is great! The days fly right on by. We need more hours in the day to complete all out tasks! I feel like it's really helping me stay focused on my purpose though which is awesome. We had another good week of finding using iPads and bible videos, which help us with a ton our new investigators! Shawn our investigator with a date is doing great! Still super interested, but he hasn't made it to church yet.. So we need him to come! We did have one of our progressing investigators named Margaret come to church which was great! She loved it, and she said she would be back! So we are stoked for her! One of the young men in our ward received his mission call this week to which was great! He's going to Brazil! He invited us to come by when he opened it! There the Utah fans by the way!! Go utes! Doing great out here! Love ya Elder Jaros