Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014


Me after the rain soaks me.

Tennessee Jungle

This is Damion, he is awesome.

These flowers that have just appeared out of no-where.

Weekly Planning, I hate it!

September is already here! Last week was outstanding besides the fact of all the rain and having no miles.. We were busy running around contacting all the sisters old investigators and finding 14 new ones our self! Which was awesome! We also received a bunch of referrals from salt lake this week and all four has been so promising. We talked to one for two hours on Thursday. It was awesome, because usually those people are way mad to see missionaries coming to there door! We also had Stake Correlation with President Criag. He's the best. Over the weekend we were able to help out at one of my favorite family's the McMains family baptism. There son was getting baptized! He is a funny kid! It was a great experience. Then on Sunday we were asked to be judges for primary idol! It was a blast! We have the best primary out here! So many funny kids. They scream the chorus but they don't really no the other words, but it made me miss the good old days of primary. I think I even teared up during army of Helamen. Over all it was a great week. The best part was setting a date late last night with one of our investigators Shawn! He's going to get dunked after we get him to church a few times. He is pretty new but super interested, we are still working with the Cornetts. We meet with them tomorrow.

Life is good here in Tennessee! Can't wait for fall! Love Elder Jaros