Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Cutest puppy ever!
Nothing better to break your fast than a fast break!
Missionary/Member 40 day fast! We were shocked that so many people signed up!
The ghetto of Clarksville! It has a police camera!

A week of miracles! This last week has been amazing. We were so blessed here in a Clarksville! We had another busy great week. We had two exchanges, and lots of busy work. The biggest miracle came randomly. We received a referral which wasn't anything to surprising we usually get one a month, and they usually aren't very interested in the gospel. So we called, and he said yes! I would love to meet with you all! Let's meet up at that church on Friday afternoon! We said sweet, and went over to church on Friday afternoon after every missionaries favorite activity weekly planning. We waited and waited and no one showed up, and we were like this is typical.

That night he texted us and said he was stuck in a meeting, and we reschedule for Saturday morning, and he showed up 45 minutes late, but we taught him lesson one, and asked him to pray about Joesph Smith and read a chapter of the Book of Mormon. We went on our marry way thinking that was a good lesson, and then later that day we had just finish a call with President Andersen; he gave us a call and said he prayed about Joesph Smith, and he knows he's a prophet!! We were like that sweet, and we set a date over the phone with him!! He couldn't come to church on  Sunday, but he called us last night and he's been reading and just loving life. We are just waiting for Ashton Kuchter to come out and say we are getting punked! Ha we are stoked for this guy! We also started a 40 day fast with our members to have a missionary opportunity! Sooo many great things are happening up here in Clarksville! We had one investigator at church, and two less actives families! So excited right now! Loving life. Hope all is well at home! Love Elder Jaros