Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014



Butterflies every where!

The Clarksville sisters

Gross bugs..

Super spiritual week! It was great! We had some big miracles here in Clarksville! To start off we are still super busy, and it's been going great. We had a mission wide fast on Wednesday which was cool. Super spiritual District Meetings and just a difference in the work all day long. We received a referral that day from the YSA sisters of an awesome new part member family who was way cool! They were stoked to see, and we think the wife will get baptized some time soon! Just awesome people. On Friday it was just a sweet day. We had the temple in the morning which was needed! I love the temple! I wish we could go more as missionaries, it's the best spiritual re-boast out there, and after the temple we had MLC with Elder Kopischke which was awesome as well! He's way funny! He taught us about being more personal with the missionaries, working with members, and teaching for conversion. Great topics, and just over all great meeting. I love MLC it's the best meeting! Then while we were at MLC we get an call from another part member family we are teaching, and we couldn't answer it, but he sent us a text that said "I need my temple recommend, and my wife needs to be baptized" we were so stoked! Than they came to church on Sunday! It was awesome! But it was great week. Loving life in TN!