Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Nothing better than TN in the fall.

All out for Halloween

TN Country-Side

Peach Habanero Jam - Thanks Mom

Another month is almost gone... I can't believe it! Tennessee is so awesome right now with all the leaves changing!! This last week was not bad!! Not best because our investigator that we share with the Franklin 3rd Ward sisters Tim didn't get baptized.. He hasn't quit smoking yet all the way. He came to church again, but we are hoping that this week we can get him to quit completely and then baptize him November 8th. He's a little down in the dumps because of the whole situation, but we are praying and hoping for the 8th. I did have the best exchange I've had in a long time with this one elder! It was a blast. He came here, and we worked hard up here in Franklin. I'm starting to find my way around town here which is good. Our area is pretty spread out, but not very big. Kind of an odd shape. I had to speak in church yesterday for the first time on my mission. My topic was the Book of Mormon and it went well I think. I wasn't very nervous, and I spoke for about 12 minutes! I was freaking out about it all week, but it wasn't that bad. We didn't have any investigators at church :(. The Ward I'm serving in Franklin 2nd hasn't had a baptism for over a year. The bishop really wants one, and so does the whole Ward. That's the goal is a baptism. We are still working with Don, but he was called into work.. Our newest up and coming investigator Divina, she is reading the Book of Mormon and really seems to enjoy us coming by. Hopefully we can have that baptism in the next two months.

I'm doing great, and just trying to figure out what to do have a baptism. Thanks for all the support. Have a great week, and Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

The pumpkin hay rolls on tn

Me and Elder smith with our investigator Tim

So blessed to be serving in the temple area. I get to see it daily, and it's just way cool!

The mish homies

Right in the middle is good old David Archuleta!! We had a mish fire side where he came and sang and talked. Super humble guy!

Zoomed in

My apartment

The weeks go by way to fast! It's unreal. Last week was great! We hit our major goals on our numbers, and we were able to work hard. We had a fun service opportunity to help out at the habitat for humanity and build a house here in Franklin. It was way cool. They build a lot of house out here in TN! We also went on exchanges for a good chunk of the week. I went down to Spring Hill TN for a few days which wasn't too bad.. I've forgotten how spoiled I am with a full time car! We walked a lot.. ha. There area is really cool because it's grown soo much! There are lot of members down there, and they just split the ward, and they are planning on doing again soon. Elder Smith I also had one of the wildest lessons of my mission life with our friend Tim. He's the sisters and ours Investigator so we both teach him. They gave of us the wonderful opportunity to teach the law of chastity lesson on Friday night!! It was unreal how much I laughed and cried because of awkwardness! Most people don't really like to talk about it, but he wanted answers for his questions ha! He's pretty funny guy anyways so that didn't help, but he accepted the commitment to live the law of chastity and he's getting baptized this weekend! We also had Stake Conference over the weekend which was great! Good meeting. Great speakers! We had our progressing investigator with us! He's sweet. We still having taught him a lot because he works so much, but he's came to church 3 weekends in a row, and he watched GC. Super solid, but hard to get in with him. Then last night to finish off the week with a bang we had a mission fireside with David Archuleta!! It was a great meeting! He is a super humble person. Doesn't like crowds and lots of people to be around him.. Most of the missionaries were pretty star stuck! It was bad.. Some sisters were falling for him haha! But he shared some great advice about having be Christlike, and he talked about trying to balance the gospel and his music career. He sang a few songs, and answered question. Just a great experience. Oh and I did get to shake his hand! Life is good! Busy as always! Thanks for everything. Elder Jaros

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Me and our investigator Shawn

Me and the Hinds family! Love them

Me and the Cornett kids!

Me and another family from Clarksville! The Symsons

See ya Sister Jensen!

The Hop Town Leaders!

Downtown Franklin TN!

This week was different! Lots of changes! I had a hard time leaving Clarksville. I loved that place a lot. I spend my last few hours running around saying good byes to some great people who I will miss dearly. Then we had the crazy days of a transfer day. Sister Orr took us and the STL's down to Franklin. We lost some great elders and sisters at transfers! It's seems like the transfers days fly right up now. Sister Heather Jensen went home, so now I'm the only Cedar missionary in our mission! It was fun having her here! Nice to see someone you know! I didn't have to go far to get to my area sense the church where transfer is at is our church building. Franklin is different then rest of my areas so far! I'm in the 2nd Ward of Franklin which is good ward. We are in a very wealthy section of Franklin so it's a very tough area. This whole county I'm in which is Williamson county is pretty rich! The work is hard here mostly because there are a ton of churches, and the people here are pretty happy where there at. We do have one super promising investigator; He's a pretty legit guy. He's a single 59 year old who works a lot so we can only meet with him on Friday nights, but he has a sister who is a member out in Utah, and she has shared a little with him. We had a good lesson with him and a member brother Tim Ross. He use to be on KSL ha, but they hit it off, and the fellowship was great. He wasn't able to make it to church because he was called into work, but he's a champ. Then we have another investigator who we part teach with the sisters, but he doesn't live in our area, but he's way funny. This area is going be different, because most of our work is going to come from the members and there referrals. It's going to take time to adjust, but it will be great. The zone is a lot smaller!

Nothing like the Hop Town zone! I don't really know any of the missionaries around the area, but I'm excited to get to! Life is good though. No complaints! This transfer I'm going to have to get out of the comfort zone, and get into the growing zone. There is no growing in the comfort zone anyways! Thanks for everything! Elder Jaros

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Me and Josh

Go Peay!


Me and the Burdo's!

Started in TN!

I love the Orr family!

New Austin Peay shirt

Life is great! Last week was wonderful! We started it off with preparing for Zone Meeting which we had on Wednesday! I had to train, and I didn't have much time so I rushed through it all.. Not my best, but I talked about member participation and we used the same scriptures Elder Wong used during Saturday morning session of GC! Mark Chapter 2 is golden! Than the sisters had another quick training, and then we were able to watch "Meet the Mormons"!! Oh my it's the best! I cried my eyes out on the last story, but the movie brings the spirit! It's honestly one if the best movies I've ever seen; therefore, go watch it, it will change your life! Rest of the week was busy with inviting people to come watch GC with us! We didn't have anyone.. Which was a huge bummer, but I love GC. I learned so much. Now it's time improve and apply things we learn. The biggest topics I picked up on was follow the prophet, have your own testimony, the sacrament is important, and having a more spiritual life! It was truly a great conference! We are so blessed to have a prophet! He is so wise, and his words are true. We spend rest of the day and weekend saying good bye to my favorites! I'm getting transferred down to Franklin TN. It's right outside of Nashville, and it's where the temple is. I'm excited to have the change, but super sad to be leaving Clarksville it's the best. I love this place. One of the best wards, and places to serve in TN. I learned so much here. It has made me want to join the army and to be a righteous priesthood holder! I will miss Clarksville and the great people here. Thanks for being awesome. Love Elder Jaros