Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Me and our investigator Shawn

Me and the Hinds family! Love them

Me and the Cornett kids!

Me and another family from Clarksville! The Symsons

See ya Sister Jensen!

The Hop Town Leaders!

Downtown Franklin TN!

This week was different! Lots of changes! I had a hard time leaving Clarksville. I loved that place a lot. I spend my last few hours running around saying good byes to some great people who I will miss dearly. Then we had the crazy days of a transfer day. Sister Orr took us and the STL's down to Franklin. We lost some great elders and sisters at transfers! It's seems like the transfers days fly right up now. Sister Heather Jensen went home, so now I'm the only Cedar missionary in our mission! It was fun having her here! Nice to see someone you know! I didn't have to go far to get to my area sense the church where transfer is at is our church building. Franklin is different then rest of my areas so far! I'm in the 2nd Ward of Franklin which is good ward. We are in a very wealthy section of Franklin so it's a very tough area. This whole county I'm in which is Williamson county is pretty rich! The work is hard here mostly because there are a ton of churches, and the people here are pretty happy where there at. We do have one super promising investigator; He's a pretty legit guy. He's a single 59 year old who works a lot so we can only meet with him on Friday nights, but he has a sister who is a member out in Utah, and she has shared a little with him. We had a good lesson with him and a member brother Tim Ross. He use to be on KSL ha, but they hit it off, and the fellowship was great. He wasn't able to make it to church because he was called into work, but he's a champ. Then we have another investigator who we part teach with the sisters, but he doesn't live in our area, but he's way funny. This area is going be different, because most of our work is going to come from the members and there referrals. It's going to take time to adjust, but it will be great. The zone is a lot smaller!

Nothing like the Hop Town zone! I don't really know any of the missionaries around the area, but I'm excited to get to! Life is good though. No complaints! This transfer I'm going to have to get out of the comfort zone, and get into the growing zone. There is no growing in the comfort zone anyways! Thanks for everything! Elder Jaros