Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Me and Josh

Go Peay!


Me and the Burdo's!

Started in TN!

I love the Orr family!

New Austin Peay shirt

Life is great! Last week was wonderful! We started it off with preparing for Zone Meeting which we had on Wednesday! I had to train, and I didn't have much time so I rushed through it all.. Not my best, but I talked about member participation and we used the same scriptures Elder Wong used during Saturday morning session of GC! Mark Chapter 2 is golden! Than the sisters had another quick training, and then we were able to watch "Meet the Mormons"!! Oh my it's the best! I cried my eyes out on the last story, but the movie brings the spirit! It's honestly one if the best movies I've ever seen; therefore, go watch it, it will change your life! Rest of the week was busy with inviting people to come watch GC with us! We didn't have anyone.. Which was a huge bummer, but I love GC. I learned so much. Now it's time improve and apply things we learn. The biggest topics I picked up on was follow the prophet, have your own testimony, the sacrament is important, and having a more spiritual life! It was truly a great conference! We are so blessed to have a prophet! He is so wise, and his words are true. We spend rest of the day and weekend saying good bye to my favorites! I'm getting transferred down to Franklin TN. It's right outside of Nashville, and it's where the temple is. I'm excited to have the change, but super sad to be leaving Clarksville it's the best. I love this place. One of the best wards, and places to serve in TN. I learned so much here. It has made me want to join the army and to be a righteous priesthood holder! I will miss Clarksville and the great people here. Thanks for being awesome. Love Elder Jaros