Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Temple selfie

Tennesseee last summer!

Elder Rumsey and I with one of our favorite members from Lebanon!

Franklin Zone powerhour leadership!

This past week has been crazy!! I'm going to start off and talk about the miracle of Don! We been teaching him a lot this month so far, and has been going great. We used soo many members in our ward, and he hits it off with all of them. The ward loves him. This past week we taught him the plan of salvation with a member at his house, and it was great. He's progressing so well! He asked some great questions that we were able to address. We also met with him at the church on Saturday with another member and taught all about the power of prayer, and that went great! He came to all three hours of church, and the members sit with him, and take him to the classes!! It's truly amazing. He wants to read the Book of Mormon all the way through before baptism, but he's already up to Jacob!! We are hoping for the first or second weekend of December for baptism! He's like the highlight of our weeks usually. We have been doing lots of finding over the past week, and it's been okay.. Franklin is still hard to find in, but we found some people. I also received a new comp this week. His name is Elder Allen. He's from somewhere in the Salt Lake valley. Very smart elder! It should be a good transfer!! He's been out for a year, so we are about the same time frame. Last week we had to go on exchanges as well because of the crazy Christmas transfer we are having! I can't believe another Thanksgiving is coming up, but it should be a great one! We are eating with a cool family which will be nice. Thanksgiving is great, because we get to look and see all things we are grateful in our lives. It's truly amazing to see all the blessing we have because of the gospel. I'm so grateful for my family this week, and the way the raised me. It's hard to be out in here during holiday, but it makes you grateful for your family. I'm also so very grateful for our savior and his love, and the peace he brings me as I'm out here on this mission. He truly amazing. Thanks so much for everything, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!