Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

Church Ball

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Thanks Everyone

Hola family! Thank YOU all the Christmas presents and cards and love!

Ya'll are the best! Last week was great! We had some good lessons and lots of fun! Christmas Eve was fun we spend the day up doing baptismal interviews up in Dickson TN it was fun! We came home and did the normal for rest of the day and we had a great dinner with a part member family! It was way fun, and they had some super cute kids who were stoked for Christmas! That night we had a little Christmas devotional! We watched bible videos and ready some stories and had a good time! We woke up the next day opened presents and studied! It was fun! It was awesome! Then we had 3 meals with members! Plus I was blessed to talk to so many of ya'll it was great! I had a blast! This Christmas was so much better than last year! We were able to meet with Don twice last week! We set up baptism, and went through the questions! All we are wait for now with Don now is his Sister to fly out here from Utah! He came to church yesterday as well! Plus we have this awesome new investigator Rubin who's really solid! Last week was week 6 so transfer call came and I'm losing Elder Allen.. I'm getting a Spanish elder named Elder Whiteley who came out with me! Will be a zebra comp. Which will be interesting! We have lots of Spanish members, and Rubin speaks Spanish as well. I'm sad to leave Elder Allen! We had a lot of success this transfer, and we really grew our teaching pool! I'm grateful for my time to serve with him. 2014 is coming to and end.. Can you believe that? I can't. It was truly a great year. I learned a lot this year about my self and about missionary work. It was great. I met some people this year who changed ,y life for ever. I was able to serve in some areas that were truly amazing with amazing memories. I was able to grow my testimony again, and I truly had probably the best year of my life. Thank you all so much for all the love and support love ya. Elder Jaros

Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014



Me and Elder Allen

The old Lebanon Homies!

I can't believe that my second Christmas away is here this week.. I remember thing last year looking at the next year saying to myself next Christmas is forever away and I pretty sure all I did was blink and it was here again. This past year of serving the lord has been amazing. I've learned a lot, and grown a lot in my testimony, but sadly not in height.. This Christmas season has been a lot easier on Elder Jaros compared to last years. I've been able to really focus on Christ. This month I reread the gospel of Luke which is my favorite gospel, and it was an amazing experience to really look at all the savior did then and look all the savior does now. This last week was great. When I came to Franklin we had no one, and was very slow going. Now we are still growing that teaching pool, but each week we find some one else who is such a miracle. We actually have progressing investigators now who are really solid, and that has all came this month. Don who we were really hoping would be baptized this week most likely won't he is working 19 hours a day. We stay in contact with him via the phone and texting which is good, but I just wish we could sit down with him. This week we went to Hohenwald for an district meeting. As a zone leader we have to go every districts district meeting a transfer. It's a lot of driving in the early mornings, but is usually a good time listening to talks and such on the road! Hohenwald has some church history. 138 years ago two elders were shot and killed there, and there hasn't been missionaries back sense, but a few months ago our mission president opened Hohenwald TN. It's doing great as an area, and this weekend for the first time in 138 years there will be 3 people baptized into the church! It's a way cool miracle. The sisters there are killing it, and it's been way cool to see them have success. They called us last night and told us about the special spirit of that town. Super cool. We also had a great ward party on friday night! It was a blast. This Franklin Ward really knows how to party! We had Eddie Benzen with us! He is the best. He is one of favorite investigators I've ever taught. He is the best! Not super interested, but he loves us to pieces, but at the ward party he came up to me at the end and said that was the most fun he's had sense his wife has passed. Love that guy. I'm excited to see some of you on Thursday! It will be awesome! Fastest 40 minutes of our lives, but the best. I wanted to share a line I read from the Christmas talks Grandma sent me last year. The quote was from today talk by President Monson which said "For us our Heavenly Father gave His Son. For us our Elder Brother gave HIS life." As I've turn my heart to his birth this year I just have noticed the love he has for us. He gave his only begotten for us, and I think of the love our elder brother has for us. Truly amazing, and I'm so grateful for this Christmas season it's been the best. I grateful for all the love that you send me. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE PACKAGES AND SUCH. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas. Love Ty! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Tim and Al!

Me and my Christmas tree.

Family and friends it's Christmas time! What a wonderful time of the year! It's been a great few weeks of learning and growing spiritual in the mission field. There was 4 wonderful events that happened last week.
The first one was the fact that we found two solid new investigators it was great! The one is pumped to meet with us, and we set some what of day for baptism with him. He is a great guy. His name is Rubin. We have only met him twice, but I have high hopes for him!

Then we had Christmas zone conference which was a great meeting! We had Elder Runland here with us. He is one of the 70, and was a great event! I learned so much about how to help people keep there commitments. He was a great speaker, and his wife was really good as well. They spoke for 4 hours, it was fun meeting. I also was able to hang out with all the Lebanon homies! They are all so great missionaries!
The 3rd great experience was the fact that Don received his answer!!! He is the best! He prayed and prayed all month, and it came! We are so stoked!!! This week he is going to be finishing up the Book of Mormon and he might get baptized this Friday, but if not Friday he as said by the end of the year!! He is so great. I'm soooo excited for him!
The last and coolest experience this week was the lesson we were able to re learn about the season of Christmas. As we know the season can be all about get me this and I want this etc, which I'm way guilty of, but last week we were able to give back to one of our missionaries in the zone. It was so cool to see his face light up. It taught me the biggest lesson about how our savior is the gift, and how our Heavenly Father gave him for us, and just like the missionary who's eyes led up when he saw he had a package that's how we should be when we realize that our savior has come for us and saved us from our sins. That was the biggest and greatest lesson I learned this week, and helped me a lot. Thanks again for the letters and everything.
Love Ty

Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

The classic house in Franklin

Me and the lamp

Temple Life

What my p day consists of... Yay...

What my p day consists of... Yay...

Last week was so much better! We had an good exchange! I was with a really green missionary and it was great. He is having a hard time so we talked a lot! He is a shy kid, but hopefully he will break out of his shell. We also were finally able to meet with Don again! He is the man. We had two really amazing lessons with him, and we set a baptismal date for December 19th! Please pray for him.. He is still waiting for his answer, but yesterday we had an amazing fast and testimony meeting it was truly great. Lots of convert went up and talked which was great as well. I think Don is ready, and we gave him a blessing and hopefully that will help. He is really elect, and that's what we are looking for in Franklin the elect. This area is still rough.. Hardest place of my mission thus far. We knock a lot doors, and all of the people are nice just not interested. I guess the key is to find through the members here, which we are trying to do, but it's just the fact that members are scared to open there mouths about the church a lot. We did find one super cool lady knocking doors yesterday. She had just been out to Utah for a skiing trip with her family, and she knows like half the ward!! We set a return appoint as well. This week also had lots of success with the Franklin Parade. Our stake did float, and we gave out pass along cards to our stake nativity open house this weekend. We gave out 2000 cards in the parade and lots of candy. Lots of the people wouldn't take stuff from us because of our white shirts, but it was fun. We were out side of float giving out candy. It was way cool. Life is good. I've enjoy reading the letters they have been awesome! Hope all is well! Love yall!

Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Just a random river

The Duke!

Kelso's Van (That 70's Show) at Church

Me and Joe Callister! He's the best

Me and my Christmas tree!!

Thank you for the cards and letters!!

This last week was kind of long!! No one was home... All our investigators were out of town! It was kind of rough, but me and elder Allen had fun with it all. We knocked a lot of doors, and did a lot of member visits last week. Don was out of town, but he is the best. We stay in contact most of the week, and we are really still praying for a white Christmas!! We had a really good Thanksgiving! We were with an awesome family. They really welcomed me and Elder Allen into there family! It was a great! We played games and had a great time! Lots better than last year! We also had some awesome lessons one with this singer Gaylon Crew. He's kind of famous and it was a good first lesson until the end where he hit us with a ton of anti, but hey I was able to teach some one kind of famous! We also had a great lesson with member present lesson Brother Benzen! I love that guy. We talked a lot with him about the spirit world. He is being really prepared, and he is just a way funny guy. He knew Johnny Cash and John Wayne! His wife was a singer, and he wrote the songs! We are still looking for new investigators and it's been rough so far, but the church is doing this new video called he is the gift. The video is amazing, and we e been showing it like crazy. Hopefully this week we can set a date with Don this week. Life is good, and I'm very grateful for you all. Love ya elder Jaros