Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Just a random river

The Duke!

Kelso's Van (That 70's Show) at Church

Me and Joe Callister! He's the best

Me and my Christmas tree!!

Thank you for the cards and letters!!

This last week was kind of long!! No one was home... All our investigators were out of town! It was kind of rough, but me and elder Allen had fun with it all. We knocked a lot of doors, and did a lot of member visits last week. Don was out of town, but he is the best. We stay in contact most of the week, and we are really still praying for a white Christmas!! We had a really good Thanksgiving! We were with an awesome family. They really welcomed me and Elder Allen into there family! It was a great! We played games and had a great time! Lots better than last year! We also had some awesome lessons one with this singer Gaylon Crew. He's kind of famous and it was a good first lesson until the end where he hit us with a ton of anti, but hey I was able to teach some one kind of famous! We also had a great lesson with member present lesson Brother Benzen! I love that guy. We talked a lot with him about the spirit world. He is being really prepared, and he is just a way funny guy. He knew Johnny Cash and John Wayne! His wife was a singer, and he wrote the songs! We are still looking for new investigators and it's been rough so far, but the church is doing this new video called he is the gift. The video is amazing, and we e been showing it like crazy. Hopefully this week we can set a date with Don this week. Life is good, and I'm very grateful for you all. Love ya elder Jaros