Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Tim and Al!

Me and my Christmas tree.

Family and friends it's Christmas time! What a wonderful time of the year! It's been a great few weeks of learning and growing spiritual in the mission field. There was 4 wonderful events that happened last week.
The first one was the fact that we found two solid new investigators it was great! The one is pumped to meet with us, and we set some what of day for baptism with him. He is a great guy. His name is Rubin. We have only met him twice, but I have high hopes for him!

Then we had Christmas zone conference which was a great meeting! We had Elder Runland here with us. He is one of the 70, and was a great event! I learned so much about how to help people keep there commitments. He was a great speaker, and his wife was really good as well. They spoke for 4 hours, it was fun meeting. I also was able to hang out with all the Lebanon homies! They are all so great missionaries!
The 3rd great experience was the fact that Don received his answer!!! He is the best! He prayed and prayed all month, and it came! We are so stoked!!! This week he is going to be finishing up the Book of Mormon and he might get baptized this Friday, but if not Friday he as said by the end of the year!! He is so great. I'm soooo excited for him!
The last and coolest experience this week was the lesson we were able to re learn about the season of Christmas. As we know the season can be all about get me this and I want this etc, which I'm way guilty of, but last week we were able to give back to one of our missionaries in the zone. It was so cool to see his face light up. It taught me the biggest lesson about how our savior is the gift, and how our Heavenly Father gave him for us, and just like the missionary who's eyes led up when he saw he had a package that's how we should be when we realize that our savior has come for us and saved us from our sins. That was the biggest and greatest lesson I learned this week, and helped me a lot. Thanks again for the letters and everything.
Love Ty