Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

The classic house in Franklin

Me and the lamp

Temple Life

What my p day consists of... Yay...

What my p day consists of... Yay...

Last week was so much better! We had an good exchange! I was with a really green missionary and it was great. He is having a hard time so we talked a lot! He is a shy kid, but hopefully he will break out of his shell. We also were finally able to meet with Don again! He is the man. We had two really amazing lessons with him, and we set a baptismal date for December 19th! Please pray for him.. He is still waiting for his answer, but yesterday we had an amazing fast and testimony meeting it was truly great. Lots of convert went up and talked which was great as well. I think Don is ready, and we gave him a blessing and hopefully that will help. He is really elect, and that's what we are looking for in Franklin the elect. This area is still rough.. Hardest place of my mission thus far. We knock a lot doors, and all of the people are nice just not interested. I guess the key is to find through the members here, which we are trying to do, but it's just the fact that members are scared to open there mouths about the church a lot. We did find one super cool lady knocking doors yesterday. She had just been out to Utah for a skiing trip with her family, and she knows like half the ward!! We set a return appoint as well. This week also had lots of success with the Franklin Parade. Our stake did float, and we gave out pass along cards to our stake nativity open house this weekend. We gave out 2000 cards in the parade and lots of candy. Lots of the people wouldn't take stuff from us because of our white shirts, but it was fun. We were out side of float giving out candy. It was way cool. Life is good. I've enjoy reading the letters they have been awesome! Hope all is well! Love yall!