Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015


What a week! Lesson learned two exchanges in one week is tooo much! Elder Whiteley and I were only together for Friday and Saturday last week. It was nuts! We did have a great week though even though we had all the exchanges. We were able to teach and meet lots of people last week. Plus yesterday we had Don at church, plus we had a great lesson with Rubin last night!! They are both doing great. Rubin didn't make it to church because of work, but he is doing well. His prayers are still amazing. He's a great guy! Don has been busy. The place where he is working is mostly like going to shut down in the next few months so he is stressing to find a new job, but we are going to plan his baptism this week with him which will be great. I'm really excited for both of them. It's been so awesome to see how far they have come. This area has came a long ways as well! Our teaching pool is so solid. We are seeing it grow daily it's unreal. We also had 3 part member families at church on Sunday. Which is way cool. We are kind of teaching all three of them, but they haven't shown us much progression yet, but still awesome! Franklin is awesome. We even saw 2" of snow on Saturday morning! It was way fun! It only stayed until like 1 in the afternoon, but it was awesome! I was so happy! Our zone is also doing amazing we had 70 member presents!!!!!!!!!!! Which is so good! We haven't had that many in this zone sense 2011! Everyone is working so hard. It's awesome! Scary thought I hit my 18 month this Saturday. A whole another chunk of the mission gone. I can't believe. The sisters we came out with are going home this transfer. I'm glad I'm not going home in a few weeks that would suck. These past 6 months I've seen a lot. I feel like it's been super fast. I saw some awesome people enter into the covenant of baptism. I feel like these last 6 months I've really been able to focus on my mission a lot more. My thoughts have all about what's the next call we need to do or how can I improve my area. My comps say I even have been sleep talking a lot about my mission. Last night I guess I did a whole planning session in my sleep and did it all while talking out loud! ha I'm so grateful for these past 18 months. They mean so much to me. I've never ever been so happy! I'm so grateful for this mission, and I'm stoked for the next 6 months. I love it here in TN. Thanks for everything. I really couldn't be this happy with out ya'll. Love ya. Elder Ty

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 20, 2015

Go Yanks! This investigator gave me this yesterday!
Freezing in Tennessee!

Sunset Life!

Elder Whiteley and I on our drive back from Hohenwald TN.

Columbia River

Elder Hymas and I

Columbia, Tennessee

Found Wandas twin :)
P day on Tuesday this week because of the Holiday! Busy days! I don't think I've ever been this busy in my life, or ever will be again! I'm in Columbia Tennessee on exchanges, and last week I was on exchanges!
Lots going on! Last week was good besides we had no one at church sadly. It was kind of a heart breaker. Don was out of town and Rubin had to work. We were having a hard time finding a good fellowshipper for Rubin, but last week we found the member for the job. They hit it off so great! It was awesome! We have a great ward out here! Lots of super supportive members, and just people on the top everything. Plus Bishop Callister is pretty cool. We have a really good relationship with him, and it's been good. Don and Rubin are still reading and being prepared for baptism this transfer. Which is awesome. Really been praying and fasting for heavens help to get them baptized. Last week we also had interviews with President Andersen. It was great. As you go into the interview with president he says the prayer at the beginning of the interview and it's so amazing how powerful that prayer is. He is truly a man called of God. Super grateful for him. We talked for a while about some questions and thoughts I had, and we talked a lot about being balanced in my area. Which is something that helps so much being balanced with out missionary work. Great interview! A thought has been coming to mind a lot of late to endure to the end, but more of "Leave it all on the track" (Quote from Mom), because days in the mission field are hard, and easy to want to give up but then I think of that quote and keeps me going. It's crazy that I'm almost in that last straight way. The home stretch in front of the crowd. It's unreal how fast it's gone. Well I hope all is safe and well at home. Love ya Elder Jaros

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Me and my buddy! Philip


A Real Grammy

Slave Grave Yard

Grandma and Grandpa Marshalls old station wagon?

That's the Natchz Trestle Bridge


A week of miracles and constant go go go! We had lots of leadership responsibilities last week! On Tuesday we had MLC all day long! It was so great though! We set mission goals, and learned a lot, but the thing is when we have MLC it means we have Zone Meeting later in the week so rest of the week was packed with planning trainings for the Zone. The topic I picked was Goals and setting Zone goals, as well as area/district goals. It went well I believe. Not a super hard topic to talk on! We have a zone goal of 4 baptism per month in the Franklin zone which isn't a whole lot, but we have some struggles, and 4 each month will be a huge improvement! This weekend there will be 4 baptized from the zone! We are pretty stoked for that! Here in Franklin we had the best week of my time here in Franklin! We had DON AND RUBIN AT CHURCH YESTERDAY!!! It was sooooo awesome!!! They both loved it, but the best part was that we set TWO DATES LAST WEEK! 2/7 for Don and Rubin! Don's sister should be flying out that weekend and his mother who isn't a member! So that will be rad, and Rubin is doing super well! We are still trying to find who should be his fellowshipper... we don't have very many young college aged people in our ward, but we are praying to find a good fellowshipper! It was truly such a blessing to teach them last week. Our lesson with Rubin was super spiritual, and he talked about the spirit most of the lesson and set the date! Way cool! Plus we knocked into this man who has won a few grammys... way cool I know! Yesterday we also had a change in our ward leadership. We got a new bishop. It's Bishop Callister! He will be a great bishop! I'm excited to work with him! He is a great guy, and when he talks in church he reminds me sooo much of President Callister from back home! It's rad! The future looks so bright. I am really starting to love Franklin. This place is great, and I hoping I can help turn it into the promise land! One last thought that has been on my mind a lot lately is from my favorite scripture in the Book of Mormon Alma 13:29 Having faith on the Lord; having a hope that ye shall receive eternal life; having the love of God always in your hearts, that ye may be lifted up at the last day and enter into his rest. The underlined part in my major of goal of late. I've learned so much over the past 17 months, but the biggest thing I've learned is that if I show love to my comp, my ward, my investigators, and everyone I can truly be an instrument in the lords hand. I'm so grateful for this mission and I love it. Nothing is better then the excitement of the mission field. Thank you so much for everything Love ya Ty

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

New comp

It's zone P DAY ALL DAY

Our family tree!

Happy 2015! No idea where the last year went by. We had a good week! We had transfer meeting which was good. Elder Schnell my comp. from Clarksville went home which was sad! Lots of great missionaries went home. Transfers meetings now a days scary me because it always reminds me of now many transfers there are left in my mission. My new comp is Elder Whiteley he is from North Ogden, and his Spanish is really good! We taught a few Spanish speaking less actives this last week, and it was cool to see him teach. He reminds me of Bret ha! He has lots of energy, and there is never a quiet a moment! The week was hard on teaching again because everyone was gone again.. We did better then the week before! We had zone p-day on new years day! We watch frozen which was pretty good, and just kind of hung out at the church. We bought the zone pizza and just chilled all day long. Rest of the week was super busy with teaching lots of lessons. We had a great lesson with Rubin and we are think baptism on Feb. 7th! We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and read with him in the Book of Mormon. We just need him to get Sundays of work. We also have been reading with Don and preparing him for baptism. We are just waiting for his sister to fly on out! We have been praying for that! Don didn't make it to church, but we had a full house. We had a few less actives, and all the college kids were home from BYU which was cool to see the ward complete full. We have a great ward here! Lots of wonderful families who truly embrace the gospel and are great examples to me! This week I also was able to look back on 2014 a little more. It was a great year. I served in 3 areas, and had 6 comps. I was able to help the a few of my closest friends enter into the covenant of baptism. I also was able to learn a lot. Learned how to train a missionary, how to be a leader, how to help other missionaries, how to use a ward, how to push myself, and most importantly how to grow my testimony. This year I was able to put my faith to the test, and I learned a lot. It was great year. I'm excited for 2015. It will be another great year. Hard to set goals for this year, but I do have 3 major ones. I still have lot of work to do in TN. First off Amanda from Lebanon still hasn't been baptized, and I need to see my own area grow. Life has been great. The church is true even here in Tennessee. Love ya'll very much. Elder Jaros