Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

New comp

It's zone P DAY ALL DAY

Our family tree!

Happy 2015! No idea where the last year went by. We had a good week! We had transfer meeting which was good. Elder Schnell my comp. from Clarksville went home which was sad! Lots of great missionaries went home. Transfers meetings now a days scary me because it always reminds me of now many transfers there are left in my mission. My new comp is Elder Whiteley he is from North Ogden, and his Spanish is really good! We taught a few Spanish speaking less actives this last week, and it was cool to see him teach. He reminds me of Bret ha! He has lots of energy, and there is never a quiet a moment! The week was hard on teaching again because everyone was gone again.. We did better then the week before! We had zone p-day on new years day! We watch frozen which was pretty good, and just kind of hung out at the church. We bought the zone pizza and just chilled all day long. Rest of the week was super busy with teaching lots of lessons. We had a great lesson with Rubin and we are think baptism on Feb. 7th! We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and read with him in the Book of Mormon. We just need him to get Sundays of work. We also have been reading with Don and preparing him for baptism. We are just waiting for his sister to fly on out! We have been praying for that! Don didn't make it to church, but we had a full house. We had a few less actives, and all the college kids were home from BYU which was cool to see the ward complete full. We have a great ward here! Lots of wonderful families who truly embrace the gospel and are great examples to me! This week I also was able to look back on 2014 a little more. It was a great year. I served in 3 areas, and had 6 comps. I was able to help the a few of my closest friends enter into the covenant of baptism. I also was able to learn a lot. Learned how to train a missionary, how to be a leader, how to help other missionaries, how to use a ward, how to push myself, and most importantly how to grow my testimony. This year I was able to put my faith to the test, and I learned a lot. It was great year. I'm excited for 2015. It will be another great year. Hard to set goals for this year, but I do have 3 major ones. I still have lot of work to do in TN. First off Amanda from Lebanon still hasn't been baptized, and I need to see my own area grow. Life has been great. The church is true even here in Tennessee. Love ya'll very much. Elder Jaros