Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015







Random House with Ice Branches

Frozen pond

Me and Emmy

Pure Bliss
The week of the ice age is over! Oh my it was crazy here in TN! It was an unreal week. No cars because there was an inch or more ice on the ground! It was unreal! No one really left their houses all week! We had to walk all week and weren't suppose to go to far from home, but we saw lots of miracles. It was pretty cool. We had a miracle everyday! On Monday we went over and taught a Hispanic name Juan. The sister's found him a few weeks ago. He works a ton, but he is home usually on Mondays. He doesn't speak any English, and my Spanish is weak. I can somewhat testify but that's it. The spirit was super strong in the lesson, and he had just finished reading some of the Book of Mormon when we showed up. We read 2nd Nephi 31 with him, and ha made a commitment to be baptized! It was sweet! He said he will ask to get off work on Sunday's for a few hours so he can come! Then on Tuesday (My Birthday) we braved the ice and walked to an set appointment we had with Mr. McDowell, and we talk to him about plan of salvation! He had some awesome insides about the fall, and the spirit was super strong. He is reading the Book of Mormon and seems to really enjoy that! Great lesson! Also the Ward is awesome here and spoiled me in my birthday! Took me out to lunch, and brought me a cake! We have a great Ward! Wednesday we woke up to a blizzard of snow! It was pretty cool! Wednesday our miracle came via FACEBOOK! I actually had someone message me back which is a miracle in itself, but we shared the whole restoration via FaceBook, and answered lots of questions! On Thursday we knocked a lot of doors and we met a couple of new investigators! Friday we still were on foot, but we found a less active member! We were knocking doors, and he let us in and we thought he was interested in hearing the message so we started sharing the restoration. Than he told us he was a member, and how he use to be a high priest group leader! He just moved here last month. He has stomach cancer, and he doesn't think he's going to live. It was sad, but great to meet him. Saturday it rained a lot, but strange enough it didn't melt the ice or anything, it just flooded.. The miracle for Saturday was that we could drive the car! The last miracle was the best, and it came yesterday Sunday. We didn't have church because of the weather. Which was lame. We texted all our investigators and told them no church, but we decided to go up to the building at one o'clock just to make sure, and sure enough there came Don! He didn't see our text. We talked for a while! It was great! We showed him the font, and went over the baptismal question! He then read a paragraph from his niece saying that she can come on the 14th of March she would love to come! So we set a solid date! He's the man. Kerry was snowed in all week but we are meeting with him Thursday. It was a great week last week even with the weather so bad, and I do have to say it was super cool looking all the ice. Even with the weather, the lords work will keep going.

Life is good here in Tennessee, little cold but good. Love ya'll!

Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

Tennessee Ice Storm

It's almost my birthday! Thanks for the packages grandma and mother!

It's almost my birthday! Thanks for the packages grandma and mother!

Frozen Car covered in Ice

Frozen Car covered in Ice

Frozen Car covered in Ice

We had a great week! It had it fair shares of ups and downs! We were dropped a few times... The biggest shocker that dropped us was Rubin. It was pretty sad. He told us that he just needs to be catholic, and the other low was that no one came to church, but enough with the few low moments here are some of the highlights of last week! We had a great lesson inside a members home with our investigator Kerry. He is awesome! We taught the Plan of Salvation, and it was an great lesson.
The spirit was way strong, and he understood it all. He and the member hit it off as well. It's such a game changer teaching in a members home! It's awesome. It's quiet peaceful place, and investigators don't the normal "southern" thing and just talk about the most random things. We weren't able to teach Don last week because of work and such, but we did get to send him lots of scriptures and such via text. A cool experience we had yesterday we were invited to the priest quorum for priesthood. We have 4 priest in our ward preparing to leave on their missions, and they are all so strong in their testimony. It was fun being in there with them. The youth here in this Ward are so awesome. They truly live in the mission field, and they have to share the gospel almost everyday at school. They all have such great testimonies, and they live the religion so much better than I did in high school. They come out with us to teach all the time. I think it's awesome, and it makes me want to raise my kids out in the "mission field" some day. It  Over all last week was great we had 31 lessons, and saw some miracles. It's the "blizzard of 2015" here in Tennessee so we are locked in all day which is lame.. But thanks for all the birthday wishes and such. I can't believe I will be 20 tomorrow. This past year has been great! I feel like it's been one of the best years of my life. Lots of growth. I've had lots of wonderful experience which have help me to deepen my testimony, and I truly seen the lords hand in my life. It was definitely hard at times, and I do have to say this by far is the hardest thing I've ever done, but when it was rough, and I had no idea what to do next; the Lord has been there to lift me up.

Probably the great lesson I have learned is that I must trust God. In all things, and as I put that trust in him I can become and instrument in the Lords hand. I'm grateful to be serving, and I'm grateful for Tennessee and all of ya'll. Thanks so much. Love Elder Jaros

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2105


The old churches downtown

New sweater

Mission truck in the freezing cold

Happy v day y'all's

Harry Potter homes


Dinner with Members

We learned how to tie bow ties yesterday at church

Another week gone! They go by way to fast. To start of sadly Don wasn't baptized.... :( It was a bummer. He really wants his family here, but he did come to church!! He also took us out to PF Changs for dinner on Thursday which was good. He has been working a lot, and so it's been hard to meet with a lot. Last week was a week of finding! We were dropped by some of our favorite investigators, but we really prayed to find some more, and on Friday we did! On friday we found a nice family of 4 who is pretty awesome, and Saturday we met with a referral who name is Kerry who looks super promising. We met Kerry at the church, and we taught the Restoration to him with a member! The lesson was super spiritual! We set a soft date with him for baptism, and we walked around the temple with him which was sweet. He didn't come to church yet though.. He felt that he was going to be undressed, buy hopefully next week! We also went on exchanges in Dickson TN. I went up there, and had a good exchange. They live with members which is always a strange situation in my mind, but we taught and met some good country folk up there! The best part of last week is the fact that I'm not getting transfers. I was pretty nervous that I was going to be gone. I'm not ready to leave Franklin yet. I just fell like I haven't completed my purpose here yet, plus I have a goal to baptize in all of my areas, and that needs to happen before I get transferred out. There is a cool story that I read in the beginning of my mission which I think about often when I think about how my area is doing. The story talks about this missionary who has a dream that he is in the pre-earth life, and he gets his letter that talks about when he is coming to the earth and he learns that he is going to be born into the church in the last days. Then his best friend gets his letter and it talks about how he will be born in the last days, but not into the church. The friends are sad, but the one friend says "You better come find me." I would have to say that is the same goal I have is to find my friends, and bring them the restored gospel, and I just hope I can be the missionary the lord needs me to be so that I can find my friends here in TN. I know I have found some because you can just tell, and I hope and pray I can find more. Tennessee is great. Life is great! Love YA'LL Ty

Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

The door knocking life is the life for me.

Then a picture of the Stolworthys Mini Cooper!

The district..

The district..

Another week gone? Where do they go? Flying right on by! Life is great in Tennessee! A little cold and rainy as always, but wonderful in general. We had a great week. We had some awesome lessons. The spirit was just super strong all week long in our lessons. I'll share with you a few of the awesome lessons last week. We went over to Brother Benzon (Brother Benzon has been super sick. He has black spots on this lungs so he hasn't been feeling up to much lately) on Wednesday night.

We had Jason Deere (Nashville Tribute Dude) with us, and he was just awesome. So bold. He talked about all brother Benzon concerns and we were all able to bare testimony about the spirit world. It was an awesome experience. Than on Friday afternoon we taught Don at the church, and shared 1 Nephi 8:11-12. We talked about how he can't delay partaking of the fruit. He then bore his testimony of the gospel, and how it's helped him. Then we walked around the temple which is always a treat. Another awesome lesson from Friday was with Kelly and Sister Callister came with us. Kelly is a some what of a new investigator.

Super catholic, but wonderful person. We read 3rd Nephi 11 and it was soooo awesome! The whole family was getting into it! Super cool. Than on Saturday we went to go visit Ms. Hunter we brought two awesome members, and taught the plan of salvation. The spirit in her house was amazing. The members both bore such rad testimonies of the atonement it was great. It was truly a great week. We sadly had no one at church, but we are planning Don's baptism for this weekend. Please pray for him! This week was just great. Just what we needed. The gospel is wonderful. It truly is the good news we all need more of in our lives. I'm grateful for this time to serve, and wouldn't trade it for anything. Love you all Ty!